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Colostrum: Immunetree.

Winner of the People’s Choice Awards two years in a row!

With over 4,000 votes cast and for the second year in a row, Immune-Tree colostrum won the coveted Healthy Living People’s Choice Award with an astounding 97.9% for 2013 and 89.33% for 2012. The competition percentages: Symbiotics .08%, Jarrow .08% and Source Naturals with 0.05%

  • FOR:
    • Superior product PERFORMANCE
    • DEDICATION to research and development
    • COMMITMENT to Quality Control and Assurance

We support your store by offering the following:


    • Timely Delivery
    • No Minimum Orders
    • Product Specialists to Answer Questions
    • Free Product Samples
    • Free Product Literature
    • On-going Discounts
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Free Healthy Horizons Newspapers
    • Free Doctors’ Prescription for Healthy Living Magazines**

Thank you for considering our product line. We are always looking to grow our family of health-minded stores. By partnering with ImmuneTree®, you will be helping your clients improve their health and well-being, creating a new source of revenue for your business and broadening the way your clients perceive your establishment by expanding your services and offerings. ImmuneTree® is committed to supporting health conscious individuals by providing superior supplements that are reinforced by our complimentary educational resources and training.

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