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I am a truck driver and I am on the road between 500 and 600 miles a day, five days a week. In the last several years I have tried quite a few products in an attempt to find something that would help my overall health. Nothing has made a difference like colostrum. Within two weeks, I felt a significant shift in my level of energy. After two months, my knees had quit hurting and I had strength in my lower limbs again. I noticed that when I did not take the colostrum for a week, I was tired and my knees started to ache again after resuming, the energy returned and the aches subsided. After six months, my knee problems have completely disappeared and I seem to be getting more and more energy. I don't need stimulants, like coffee or herbal products, to stay awake on long night runs. The first milking product seems to get to the cause of most of the bodies ailments.
Daryl Smith
I have rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Several months ago I was so tired, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. At the suggestion of a relative, I began taking ImmuneTree first milking colostrum. I began with three capsules per day and I experienced headaches and some additional aches at first. Then after about three weeks, I woke up one morning and I felt really good; it surprised me. I worked all day, walked a mile and a half and when I returned home I was even more surprised that I still had plenty of energy. I cleaned my oven and the refrigerator. I swept the floor then I remembered what I had been told about colostrum and energy. I had given up ever having energy again but it has been like this ever since that day. I am now taking six capsules per day, and I have the energy to work and to take care of my home too. I'm even walking two miles every day. It is great to feel this good again.
Renee Petersen
My grandmother had eczema so badly that she always wore plastic gloves. I was getting to the point where I thought I would have to do the same. My hands and arms were constantly blistering, splitting, bleeding and weeping not to mention the continual itching, which was unbearable! I had tried a medication called prednisone which worked for a while, but by the time I had finished the first round, the eczema was creeping back - even worse than before. I started taking the products and within a week I noticed a profound difference. My hands began to heal. Within a month, there were no more blisters and my hands had new pink skin everywhere. I still have a bit of trouble around my ring finger and if I do not take my afternoon dose of colostrum it begins itching by the end of the day. If I go more than a day or two the whole thing starts up again.
Mary Fennell
Colostrum is one of those products that I was fully prepared to purchase from outside the country, even if it meant traveling to Australia and going through the red tape of import regulations to get it here. I had tried six different brands of colostrum and I wasn't getting any results that I knew were possible. ...then I found "first-milking" colostrum and it made all the difference." Colostrum is an integral part of my practice and needless to say, I am glad I did not have to go halfway around the world for something I feel is so vital to human health.
Gem Scheb
I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis, any one of which can be debilitating. I began taking colostrum and the first thing I noticed was that my appetite changed. (With diabetes, you can eat a big meal and still feel hungry.) I noticed I did not feel hungry anymore, my energy was increasing and I wasn't as depressed. Then I noticed that my blood sugar levels were changing. With careful monitoring (two to four times a day), I have been able to lower my insulin from 96 units per day to 10 units per day during the last nine months. I used to take lots of pain medication now I take none; a good warm bath is all I need to help with the occasional pain from overwork. YES! I am working again and supporting myself after two years of not being able to. All this did not happen at once, so I would encourage people to have patience.
Pat Baily
I had an open ulcer on my leg about the size of a silver dollar for four years. Doctors treated me for four months without success. For the next four years I tried everything that came my way from healing salves and lotions to chlorophyll compounds. Nothing made very much difference, until I found out about colostrum. Within a month there was noticeable improvement and in just two months, all that remained of the original ulcer was a small scab and very pink skin in the area where the ulcer had been. After four years of searching, colostrum has helped me find the resolution to this problem.
Dallas Smith
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