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I use Colostrum6 powder with my tiny yorkie puppy...over 1000mg daily, especially during the period of her vaccinations...she is only 2 1/2 pounds and is currently 5 months of age...also, I have never had a problem with hypoglycemia, which can be common with this breed at such a small body weight...Colostrum6 first thing in the morning with fresh water...she actually sits and waits for me to "fetch it" out of my kitchen cabinet. I have a healthy, happy puppy....thank you!
Haley Star
I am a truck driver and I am on the road between 500 and 600 miles a day, five days a week. In the last several years I have tried quite a few products in an attempt to find something that would help my overall health. Nothing has made a difference like colostrum. Within two weeks, I felt a significant shift in my level of energy. After two months, my knees, which get sore after staying in the same position hour after hour, had quit hurting and I had strength in my lower limbs again. I noticed that when I did not take the colostrum for a week, I was tired and my knees started to ache again after resuming, the energy returned and the aches subsided. After six months, my knees feel great all the time and the problems have completely disappeared and I seem to be getting more and more energy. I don't need stimulants, like coffee or herbal products, to stay awake on long night runs. The first milking product seems to get to the cause of most of the bodies issues.
Daryl Smith
Several months ago I was so tired, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. At the suggestion of a relative, I began taking ImmuneTree first milking colostrum. I began with three capsules per day and I experienced headaches and some additional aches at first. Then after about three weeks, I woke up one morning and I felt really good; it surprised me. I worked all day, walked a mile and a half and when I returned home I was even more surprised that I still had plenty of energy. I cleaned my oven and the refrigerator. I swept the floor then I remembered what I had been told about colostrum and energy. I had given up ever having energy again but it has been like this ever since that day. I am now taking six capsules per day, and I have the energy to work and to take care of my home too. I'm even walking two miles every day. It is great to feel this good again.
Renee Petersen
Wanted to give you an update on what's been happening or not happening since taking Colostrum6. What a relief! Also I've noticed that I have more flexibility in general and in my shoulder which has been a very chronic problem. Relatively speaking much improved. Achiness much less as well. Thank you very much!
Jean LaBore
My name is Kathy Clark, I'm 64 years old, and for the past 10 years I've suffered from Arthritis. There is a history of this in my family, my mother suffered from it in a debilitating manner for many years up until she passed away in 1995. My arthritis has also affected my sleeping patters to the extent that I've typically been up at least twice a night and I've had difficulty falling asleep. Two months ago, my son introduced me to LimuZ6. In the two months that I've been taking it, I'm sleeping a full 6 hours a night with out waking up. My energy levels are fantastic, and I'm able to work in my yard longer and do more in my day than I have in years. We even recently took a trip to Yellowstone where I was able to keep up with my 5 grandchildren 3 of which are under the age of 3. LimuZ6 has changed my life drastically in the short period of time I've been using it, and I plan to continue using it as long as it helps me. Thank you Dr. Kleinsmith.
Kathy C.
Colostrum is one of those products that I was fully prepared to purchase from outside the country, even if it meant traveling to Australia and going through the red tape of import regulations to get it here. I had tried six different brands of colostrum and I wasn't getting any results that I knew were possible. ...then I found "first-milking" colostrum and it made all the difference." Colostrum is an integral part of my practice and needless to say, I am glad I did not have to go halfway around the world for something I feel is so vital to human health.
Gem Scheb
I have a myriad of health challenges, any one of which can be debilitating. I began taking colostrum and the first thing I noticed was that my appetite changed. (With some of my health conditions, you can eat a big meal and still feel hungry.) I noticed I did not feel hungry anymore, my energy was increasing and my mood improved dramatically. Then I noticed that my blood sugar levels were staying at a very healthy level. I used to take pain medication to help with the occasional and ordinary aches and pain of daily life, but now I take none. YES! I am working again and supporting myself after two years of not being able to. All this did not happen at once, so I would encourage people to have patience.
Pat Baily
I started taking Colostrum6, LimuZ and Oxyquest over a month ago....I immediately noticed that my breathing was deeper and fuller. I also noticed that I had more energy, more restful sleep and a feeling of well-being. Oh by the way, inches have come off my body and people notice it. A wonderful total package for wellness.
Darryl Thomas, Sr.
When younger, I had surgery on both knees, and now at 53, they were stiff every morning for several hours. I ordered several bottles of Colostrum6 capsules, and, after 10 days, the stiffness in my knees was gone. I also began taking LimuZ and OxyQuest drops every morning, and noticed that I was sleeping better, feeling refreshed and well-rested when getting out of bed. Over the years I increased my daily consumption to two and sometimes three pots per day, trying to overcome my fatigue from a lack of enough sleep. The Limuz and Oxyquest were giving me the energy and alertness all day long that I was trying to get from coffee. Now I am only drinking two to three cups per day. I feel much better during the entire day and don't have the drowsy feeling that came on after lunch and late in the afternoon. I'm much more productive and actually feel younger!
Jay Faber
“I work out at the gym a lot,” explains Hooker Jr. “I like the fitness supplement Flex6 Fitness Formula from Immune Tree made with colostrum. It has helped with building muscle and recovery time. Good stuff!” He says, “Colostrum6 is also a great immune booster.”
John Lee Hooker, Jr.
I have had symptoms of fibromyalgia which had been getting progressively worse for about 2 years. During this time, I also developed chronic fatigue. I was very surprised when, within 1 week after I began to take LimuZ6 and I had energy. I am now exercising and walking every day, I was even able to run a marathon in San Diego.
Merry H.
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