Colostrum Pet Products

Protects the natural anti-aging, immune, metabolic, and other factors from stomach acids in dogs and puppies. These components help maintain dog and puppy immune systems and their ability to respond to different health issues. Prebiotics and probiotics help fight dog allergy and puppy allergy symptoms, aid in skin and coat health, and promote healthy gut in dog digestive systems to alleviate symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and leaky gut syndrome.

We blend all natural beef and bacon flavorings together with our 100% Bovine Colostrum Powder for a taste that dogs can't resist. Immune Tree colostrum is 100% tested organic, gluten free, GMO free, BSE free, antibotic free, and hormone free. Canine6 is ready to serve, just sprinkle the recommended serving over your dog's food. Your dog will love the taste of Immune Tree Canine6 Certified 6-Hour Colostrum Supplement!

Made for dogs and puppies at all stages of life. We source our colostrum from happy and healthy, grass fed, USDA Grade A cows. Containing "Whole Food" natural growth factors and over 95+ natural growth factors, all dog essential factors, metabolic factors, and the vitamins our four-legged family members require for wellness. Never defatted, it's a pure and complete whole food. Our natural Chymosin coating protects and ensures bio-availability.

Made from grass fed, Grade A, dairy cows that are certified healthy, BST, BSE, and Antibiotic-Free. Certified and proven by Dr. Don Lein, Professor Emeritus to be “true colostrum” and not transitional milk. Immune Tree Canine6 Certified 6-Hour Colostrum Supplement is low temperature spray-dried and contains no unnecessary fillers or additives.

We're so confident that you and your dog will love Immune Tree Canine6 Certified 6-Hour Colostrum Supplement, that your purchase is risk free! If you or your dog is unhappy with your order, simply contact us and we'll take care of you. We know you want nothing but the best for your dog and so do we. We're dog lovers just like you!