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180 Count Colostrum Capsules


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Immune Tree colostrum powder encapsulated and placed into Kosher/Halal-certified gelatin capsules. Taking 3 capsules twice daily provides you with 3,000 mg worth of colostrum. This “cornerstone” whole food has over 700 constituents that naturally balance and regenerate the body.

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180 count; 500 mg capsules

Anti-aging is not About Adding Years to Life . . . It’s About Adding Life to Years!

Practicing preventative health gives us peace of mind in knowing that we are taking control of our health, so we can improve our odds in having a better-quality life, where we don’t need to rely on anyone to take care of us. The kind of life that our daughters and sons would say, “I hope I look and feel as good as you when I reach your age.”

Colostrum6 contains natural biological life factors (immune, metabolic, growth) so your life is given 100% stronger support each year it ages.*

Natural Chymosin, known also as rennin, is a proteolytic enzyme. Its role is to bypass stomach acids and a higher absorption rate.* Natural is ALWAYS better than a synthetic!

• 3% of Lactoferrin
• 25% total Immunoglobulins
• 24% Proline-Rich Polypeptides

Be Inspired

Immune Tree colostrum is the ONLY colostrum in the world that has been certified to be “true colostrum”. Our colostrum is low heat spray dried, chemical-free, and 100% natural with NO fillers of any sort! It also contains natural chymosin which protects and ensures bio-availability as it passes through the gut.

Immune Tree Colostrum6 is natural and more anabolic than synthetic compounds. Whether you are looking to enhance your physical and mental performance, endurance, strength, stamina, health or energy; Colostrum6 has all the natural building blocks to help you on your way!

  • RAW • Gluten Free • 100% Tested Organic • GMO Free BSE Free • Antibiotic Free • Pesticide Free • Hormone Free

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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180 ct

10 reviews for 180 Count Colostrum Capsules

  1. Vinod K Gootam

    I can’t say enough about this product! I’ve used it for years. This is a fair price for the value.

  2. Joanie

    I was had major issues with my back. At the suggestion of my brother, I bought the book “There is a Cure for Arthritis” and started taking Colostrum 6 supplements and Natural Eggshell Membrane and doing specific exercises for my back. Those are the only changes I have made and today I my back feels fantastic. I suspect that the Colostrum 6 supplements helped to rebuild balance in my back and the exercises helped to strengthen my muscles–whatever it was, it was a miracle. I plan to continue taking Colostrum 6 for a long time.

  3. Marguerita Suti

    dont waste your money on hgh releasers or super whey products/this stuff has all of the benefits and more/ not surprised it won best health product for 2012 and 2013 and 2016 whatever your body needs this will help you heal naturally

  4. Spencer Harper

    The product has served me in the gym allowing me to put on lean muscle weight and also make more gains in the gym.

  5. Andy Manson

    Have not got sick this year, but have more mucus then normal. Takes some getting used to.

  6. Giovanni Garcia “Gio”

    I highly recommend this colostrum. It is true six hour colostrum and is great for modulating a weakened immune system.

  7. Priscilla Iasimone

    I dont know why it took me so long to try this but I am glad I finally did. I have severe issues in my back, knees, fingers and shoulder. The pain was debilitating. After four months of taking this I am enjoying life again. I highly recommend this colostrum.

  8. Erikpjay

    I have tried the Surthrival and a few others. This one, by far stands out to be the superior product. The reason, to me is due to the feeling I get that seems to differ from the others. I wake up quickly, sleep deeper and recover quicker from my workouts. The others weren’t bad, but they weren’t as good as this product.

    I have also incorporated this product into my cat’s diet. He used to have seizures about once every couple of weeks. Whether it is a heck of a coincidence or the colostrum, he hasn’t had a seizure in months. He stopped shortly after taking the colostrum.

  9. Joe Fasano

    Its a good product I have issues with balance and walking and started taking this product with my vitamin regimen and have seen results from using it.
    Joe Fasano

  10. Aileen Gorman

    There was not one thing that I disliked about the service and quality of the product. Throughly satisfied!! Colostrum is like the fountain of youth. Makes you feel 10 years younger.

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