Colostrum Kilo Powder

Colostrum Kilo Powder


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This “cornerstone” whole food has over 700 constituents that naturally balance and regenerate the body. It contains a superfamily of ingredients that support anti-aging and tissue repair, along with over 95 immune factors for health and wellness. Paired with essential amino acids and vitamins, Colostrum boosts your health and vitality.

Anti-aging is not About Adding Years to Life… It’s About Adding Life to Years

Practicing preventive health gives us peace of mind in knowing that we are taking control of our health, so we can improve our odds in having a better-quality life, where we don’t need to rely on anyone to take care of us. The kind of life that our daughters and sons would say, “I hope I look and feel as good as you when I reach your age.”

Colostrum6 contains natural biological life factors (immune, metabolic, growth) so your life is given 100% stronger support each year it ages.*

Absorbs Readily for Higher Bioavailability

Natural Chymosin, known also as rennin, is a proteolytic enzyme. Its role is to bypass stomach acids and a higher absorption rate.* Natural is ALWAYS better than a synthetic!

Athletes Love the Powder

There is so much in a Kilo that can’t be said for Athletes, but more is always better!

Be Creative

Colostrum powder can be used in a variety of different ways. Allow your imagination to roam in its application.

RAW • Gluten Free • 100% Tested Organic • GMO Free • BSE Free • Antibiotic Free • Pesticide Free • Hormone Free


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