Flex6 Fitness Formula

Flex6 Fitness Formula


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Flex 6 is the ultimate supplement for bodybuilders and athletes who want result faster. More androgenic than steroids, and yet unbanned by the olympics and all other sports governing bodies.

The reason that the super concentrated Anti-Aging Factors with colostrum in Flex6 is important to bodybuilders and athletes is that after around age 19, most men and women find their production of Anti-Aging Factors decreases. Flex6 has proven components to enhance athletic performance, and speed up recovery from injuries, and helps muscle tissue regenerate .

More athletes are trying the ingredients in Flex6, a natural drug-free alternative to steroids, to get the kind of results they want—with fewer plateaus.

Colostrum6: has all of the natural non-synthetic Anti-Aging Super Family per serving.*

DIM (Diindolylmethane): a phytonutrient, promoting better estrogen levels in athletes so they can tap into their fat reserves instead of JUST carbs for clean reliable energy and has shown to promote testosterone levels for added performance to break those plateaus.*

Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL: is the same creatine amino acid you take from supplements and food, but this form has a higher absorption rate that gives results for energy and better workouts.*

Methoxyisoflavone & 7-ISO: natural anabolics for steroid-like effects without any reported side effects. Helps to transport nutrients to your worked lean muscles—which in turn increases endurance. Also enhances nitrogen retention to pump out “just a little more”.*

ZMA®: Increases testosterone levels, muscle strength and power, which in turn enhances muscle recovery and regeneration processes.*

Gluten Free • GMO Free


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