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Of Colostrum & Calves . . .

Whenever colostrum gets mentioned inevitably the question arises, "What happens to the calf?  Do the little baby calves get what they need?" and I am here to tell you . . . YES!  Absolutely, they get what they require to not only sustain themselves but to thrive. There is a considerable body of scientific [...]

Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith – Founder

 Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith is the President and founder of Immune Tree, Inc. He holds a Ph.D in Nutritional Science. He has 24 years of experience in the research of nutritional health. He has been formulating for Immune Tree as well as other companies around the world for the past 19 years. Dr. Kleinsmith has [...]

Healthy Barbeque tips for summer

Weekend barbeques are what many people crave during Summers. One should however realize that the smoky flavor can lead to serious health hazards. But if you are cautious enough to take the necessary measures, you can prevent yourself from risking the hazards caused due to the consumption over-fried meats. At high temperature, proteins found in [...]


The antibodies found in the blood of a pregnant cow that are eventually transferred into the colostrum were all derived by the immune system of that cow in response to foreign substances to which the cow had been exposed during its lifetime.  These foreign substances include the various vaccines administered to protect the animal against [...]