Colostrum may help support Cognitive Issues

Colostrum may provide some benefits to Cognitive Processes!

As we age, maybe our memory isn’t what it used to be and can be helped by the very first substance, colostrum, that we received as a new-born. Within the substance, colostrum, are pieces of the health puzzle that are just beginning to surface and Big Pharma is now dissecting our first food for its benefits. A little known piece, at least to the general public is a tiny amino-acid sequence commonly referred to as PRP’s or Proline-Rich Polypeptides and these little peptides may be very beneficial for cognitive processes.

There are dozens of studies published now about this little amino-acid and its ability to promote your own body to regulate or modulate the immune system. One of the latest studies, published in the July 2009 issue of the Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging (13;6:522-7), researchers established that it had previously been demonstrated that oral administration of proline-rich polypeptide isolated from colostrum “can help promote benefits to cognitive issues.”Olostrogenisis-Formation-of-Colostrum

We all have loved ones or know of someone whose memory just isn’t what it used to be and now there may just be hope by providing building blocks or components that the body uses in its battle against age-related deterioration of cognitive functionality. If you give the body building blocks that it can use in order to maintain balance, then the body will respond appropriately.  The hope comes in the form of life’s first food and all that is found within it; with over 700 different little helpers that are found in true colostrum and we have only begun to scratch the surface as to the reach of these components and their benefits. With each passing day, it seems like we all need help in the area of cognitive or memory, just maybe with our first food, we may have found tremendous benefit!