Fast weight loss tips

Reality vs. Dreams

If you set realistic weight loss goals, you can succeed in losing a considerable amount of weight within a set time in an effective manner. There are so many weight loss and diet plans that work in their own separate ways. Therefore, it can be a difficult task to set a weight loss fast goal and which method to adopt. Here are some tips for you that will enable you to lose weight fast setting realistic goals. Setting realistic weight loss goals and losing weight in a safe and effective manner will help you maintain your weight loss long term. With so many new diets being advertised it’s hard to know how to set a realistic weight loss goal that you’ll be able to achieve and maintain. I am sharing with you here some of the best methods of fast weight loss. Its not some diet plan or intense exercise program. I am simply outlining some ways that you can lose weight naturally and get slimmer.

Eat at predefined hours

Try eating at around the same time everyday. This will help you not only with digestion but also helps in synchronizing your brain and stomach. Eat at around the same time everyday and you will see significant improvement in your digestion.

Drink water…lots

Its known to most of us that 4-6 liters of water would be required by our body everyday. But little do we care about maintaining that amount. Well remember this, fast weight loss would be very difficult unless you drink ample water. Lack of it will cause dehydration, tiredness and even headaches. Drink sufficient water and it will help you not only with digestion but also with the process of removing toxins from your body.


Colostrum products for weight loss have been found to provide support for weight loss enthusiasts. You can try some Colostrum based products for weight loss such as LeptiTrim6 by Immune Tree, which is the most popular one out there. Colostrum based products can help you by providing metabolic building blocks that promote weight loss in a more natural way without side effects to your body.

Fast Weight loss Tip: Always take the safe course

If you are relatively newer do dieting and weight loss, you might take the wrong course of action towards weight loss in lack of proper guidance. Don’t just go about buying every course on the market about weight loss. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the basic concepts. See what others are saying about a certain weight loss program and its effectiveness before going for it.

Balance booster

While you are doing brushing your teeth, alternate standing on one leg as you switch to your mouth parts. This will help you develop you core muscles and is also good for your brain.

Fast weight loss: Weight loss takes time

Although some people are able to gain faster results, weight loss can take time depending upon a person’s commitment to it as well as his current diet plans, exercise habits etc. So, don’t be obsessed about it; there is no need to weigh yourself everyday. It will do nothing to speed up the process but will instead add more frustration. Jumping on the scale once a week would be fine.

Join an online weight loss group

Support by joining an online weight loss group will help you learn a lot about weight loss and the right type of programs for it. You will not feel alone and will get plenty of moral support from the online community. There are literally thousands of online communities on weight loss. Share you stories, read others’ stories and you will learn a lot of things along the way.

Start reading labels

This fast weight loss tip might not be a good idea for many of you but I see no harm in doing so. You should know what you are consuming. Thoroughly check the ingredients list and their serving sizes.

Quick weight loss Tip: Tell your family

No one can support you better than your family. If you are planning on going on a diet program, make sure to let your family know about it and what you are planning to do. You will definitely need a good support from your family if you are serious about it. Moreover, once you start practicing healthier habits, it can also have a positive impact on other of your family members.

Be careful about Snacks

Go for snacks that have a lower calorie. Also, many people can’t help but overeat some tasty snacks. This should be avoided at all costs.

Want to lose weight faster? Wear comfortable clothes

OK, you might not know but wearing comfortable clothes like khakis or sport shirts as opposed to suits or other constricting clothing will help you blast more calories. Lose fitting clothing will help you lose more calories while you walk or do other forms of physical work.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Seek professional help if you need one. Don’t hesitate in doing so. There are lots of fast weight loss tips available on the internet and specific diet plans that you can follow intently. However, you might need the direct assistance from a professional if you are suffering from any other diseases to make sure what works best for you.

Don’t follow more than one weight loss fast program at a time

As you already know there are thousands of weight loss programs available from a myriad of experts. However, stick to only one and follow the guidelines properly. Don’t mix up multiple weight loss programs at a time or you will screw things up and may not generate very impressive weight loss results.

Consume more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are necessary for a healthy body and mind. As these are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, they help significantly in digestion. A minim of 5 vegetable servings per day Is suggested. If you can, try to have fruits as breakfast companions or as snacks.

Weight loss Tip: Diet friendly drinks

Soft Drinks, cream coffees, beer etc. carry a good deal of calorie. Knowingly or unknowingly, you might add lots of calories to your diet consuming these drinks. Therefore substitute these with water, green tea or soft drinks that won’t add to your weight.

No Exercise: No fast weight loss

All exercises are not suitable for everyone. Go running, jogging, biking or other forms of exercise and figure out the one that works best for you. Remember that exercise is imperative to fast weight loss and picking the right type of exercise suitable for your body and condition is very necessary. Don’t stick to an exercise plan that you don’t like, do something that would contribute to your weight loss efforts and that you would enjoy doing regularly. With exercises, it is however necessary that you increase the frequency and duration of your exercise so that your heart rate goes to higher levels and your body burns more calories.

Size of food portions

If you eat larger portions, you are consuming more calories even if your food is low fat and low calories. Remember that your goal isn’t to start counting the calories. You should be more focused towards eating less and just the right amount necessary for you. Before eating anything, ask yourself if the food is right for you in terms of calories.

Weight loss tip: don’t skip meals

It is important that you don’t skip any of your regular meals. Start with a good breakfast and eat at regular intervals. Eat every 2-3 hours if you can to maintain a good distribution of calorie throughout your body. You should also be careful about maintaining what food to eat when.


Frequent meals as said earlier is a good way to boost metabolism. Exercise daily or at least 2-3 times every week and it will significantly help improve your metabolism. Do similar type of exercise everyday so that you body gets used to it and the benefits are maximized. You can gradually increases the frequency and the difficulty level to increase your metabolism.

Fast weight loss tip: Do not compare yourself with the others

Every body is formed and developed differently. Therefore, the pace of weight loss significantly differs from one person to the other. The things that work out well for me might be worthless for you. You should yourself work out a plan that works best for your body and is in agreement with your daily habits. Comparing yourself with others will lead you to discouragement and hinder your efforts.

Never count on live programming. It’s important to stimulate your mind while your body is exerting itself in other ways. However, never rely on “what’s on TV or the radio” at the time. Instead of zoning out, you’ll find yourself flipping between channels – and that’s going to make the time drag as much as it would if you weren’t keeping your mind busy in the first place. “Live” is a very bad idea. Go with pre-recorded programming or go without.

Fast Weight loss tip: Get into Sports

Many people don’t like going to the gym or joining fitness centers. However, if you are into any kind of sports or hobbies that involve physical wear and tear, you are at luck. Football, basketball, squash, tennis or even badminton etc. are great ways to burn calories. Hobbies like swimming or cycling would also positively contribute to your fast weight loss efforts.

Get rid of your unhealthy habits

There are numerous reasons contributing to your excess weight. One of these is unhealthy habits that come with the modern life. If you can improve your regular unhealthy habits, it would significantly help in losing weight.

Get a pedometer

Take more steps everyday. Buy a pedometer, clip it to your belt and aim for 1200 extra steps every day. On average, a person takes 2500-3000 steps everyday. Adding 1000-2000 more steps everyday will significantly help you put a check on your weight gain and help you lose weight faster.

Blue functions as an appetite suppressant

Did you know that the color blue can more or less help you with your fast weight loss efforts? The color blue is an appetite suppressant. Therefore, serve food on blue plates, use blue tablecloth on your table. Avoid colors like red or orange in your meal room as they encourage you to eat more.

Fast weight loss tip: Get motivated from fast weight loss stories

Motivation is very necessary and if you start losing your motivation along the way, all your efforts will go down the drain. Read fast weight loss stories on the internet by people who have been successful in losing weight. Read in detail; learn about the things they learned during the course, their mistakes, the problems they encountered and more.

Fast weight loss enthusiasts should stay away from white foods

A large amount of carbohydrates come from the white flour that can cause a turmoil in your blood sugar level. While you avoid white flour, make sure to supplement that with ample grain breads or something similar. Having a daily diet composed mainly of grains would prevent you from gaining more weight and will naturally keep you fit.

Don’t watch TVs too much

TV is one of the biggest reasons for weight gain in many people. Those who watch TV all day long tend to gain more weight. Therefore, make a routine on when to watch TV rather than sitting on your couch infront of one everyday.

Colostrum for fast weight loss/inch loss

Colostrum or early milk provides many metabolic components as well as nutrition that help in developing and strengthening the immune system. Produced by female mammals in their late gestation period following the first few days after birth. In the case of bovines, colostrum is produced in the first 6 hours after the birth of an offspring and it helps in the complete development of the newborn.

Colostrum supplements can prove to be very vital for humans, in promoting weight loss and improving the immune system. However, one needs to make sure to take good quality colostrum for best results. Immune Tree’s colostrum supplements are among the most sought after colostrum based supplements. Not just that, they have been certified to contain true colostrum by the associates at Cornell University, New York.

Immune Tree’s weight loss/inch loss supplements such as the LeptiTrim6 capsules and LeptiTrim6 Nighttime formula work great for helping you shed some weight.

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