Diet plans for women

There are diet plans that are recommended specially for women while there are some others that work for either gender. In fact, women should be more concerned about following the tips meant for women because they generally have different nutritional requirements than men. There are some diet tips that every woman should follow for a healthy life. Women should be aware of the best time to eat, nutritional composition of your food, calories to be consumed everyday etc. Here are some healthy diet plans for women that will help them stay healthier.

Weight watchers diet plan for women

Weight watchers is a company that offers various diet plans for men. However, there are diet plans for women as well that the company has on offer. Weight Watchers offers weekly meetings and symposiums and also encourages interaction with other members. Weight Watcher’s diet plans for women despite not being much different from men have been quite effective.

7 day GI diet plan

The GI(Glycemic Index) diet plan is a scientifically planned diet that includes slow releasing carbohydrates. These carbohydrates make you feel fuller for a longer period of time, discouraging cravings for food. The GID women diet plan will allow you to enjoy some tasty food and make you feel rejuvenated. If you feel like you crave a lot for food and don’t want to be restricted on your loved foods, the GI diet plan would be a good choice for you because it not only helps you lose weight but also makes you feel fuller and satisfied.

Cambridge women

The Cambridge diet plan for women is focused on rapid weight loss. The Cambridge diet encourages you to buy and eat a plethora of meal replacement items that give from 400-1,500 kilocalories per day. The diet plan also has a long term programme for weight management. As the diet requires you to eat meal replacement products, you can have shakes, soups etc. for the purpose. Should you require proper guidance on this diet plan for women, you can get consultation from the Cambridge Adviser.

Flat Belly women Diet plan

The Flat Belly Diet requires Sassy Water coupled with ginger and mint leaves. This diet plan comes with a range of exercise plans designed specially for women’s physique. The Flat Belly Diet plan for women focuses on one MUFA serving with every meal plus 1.6 Kcal. However, you can tweak this plan according to your age and your gender. Fruits, vegetables, seeds etc are consumed as a part of this diet. The book can be an ideal choice for all female dieters and contains a good collection of meal plans and recipes.

The Petite Advantage

The Petite Advantage diet plan for women is for women who are under 5’5”. The book suggests that women who are short need to work out more than an average heighted woman to start seeing results faster. This diet plan for women suggests that lessening the calorie intake by 40 calories o day can help reduce the body fat by as much as 4 pounds. Therefore, this diet plan for women is strictly against the intake of high calorie diets such as olive oil and stresses more on the intake of whole grains.

Slimming world diet plan for women

The slimming world’s diet plan demands you to consume low fat foods as a replacement for the high fat foods that you eat regularly. The slimming world diet plan has a list of low fat foods that are also known as free foods. These include vegetables, fruits, rice etc. that you can eat in any amount you like. The slimming world diet plan doesn’t put a check on any food. They organize gropu meetings every week where you can seek advice from fellow members of the Slimming world. Slimming world diet plan for women will help you become more active and also consists of some cool exercise plans.