High blood pressure medicines side effects

High blood pressure medicines are prescribed for daily intake for those suffering from chronic blood pressure. In most of the cases, the patients are prescribed to take these medicines for the rest of their lives. There are various types of high blood pressure medicines such as diuretics, beta blockers, ACE inhibitors prescribed according to the condition of the patient. The generic names of these medicines may differ variously. Although these high blood pressure medicines help in keeping blood pressure under control, they aren’t without side effects.

In most of the cases, patients with high blood pressure are prescribed to take medicines for their whole life. Even if you feel like you are doing a lot better and aren’t facing any problems whatsoever, you shouldn’t stop taking your medication unless you are suggested to do so by the doctor. Also, never miss the schedule for taking medicines as this may result in unexpected spikes in BP.

Blood pressure medicine side effects may vary from person to person and also depends on the type of medicine one is taking. For example, some people may feel dizzy or have upsetting bowel movements while others may have cough or headaches. Besides, depending on the condition of your body and type of blood pressure you have, changing the medication may help reduce the side effects or eliminate them altogether. However before doing so, consulting a doctor and take medications as prescribed.

Blood pressure medicine side effects due to other medications

Sometimes the high blood pressure medicine side effects may result due to a reaction between the BP medicine and the other medicines you are taking for some other diseases. So, if you are suffering from some disease or medical condition, make sure to let your doctor know about it beforehand. For example, if you are taking insulin for diabetes, let your doctor know about it. Taking diuretics or beta blockers medications may increase your blood sugar level and may not be suitable for your body condition.

High Blood Pressure Medicine Side Effects: Breakdown

Diuretics side effect

Diuretics will cause you to urinate more and release more salt from your body. They can lead to extra urination and are also known to cause erection problem in men in some cases. Other common side effects of diuretics include weakness, fatigue and leg pains. However, there are some diuretics that don’t cause these side effects.

Beta Blockers Side Effect

Beta blockers are another type of medicines for BP. Beta blockers high BP medicine side effects include Asthma, cold hands, depression etc. among others.

ACE inhibitors

Angiotensin Converting Enzymes or ACE are other type of medicine for high BP. Medicinal side effects of these include blockage of formation of hormones, narrowing down of blood vessels, dry cough etc. Some may also experience skin rashes.

High Blood pressure medicine side effect remedies

So how can you get rid of these side effects caused due to high BP medications? Firstly, you should be persistent and shouldn’t stop taking medications upon experiencing side effects unless you consult a doctor. some of the high blood pressure medicine side effects go away with time as your body gradually starts adapting to their effects and neutralizing them.

To lower the side effects, you can decrease the amount of intake. If you are taking a medicine of high dose, take two lower dose medicines instead. They will be as effective as taking the high dose one and will reduce the intensity of the side effects. The high blood pressure medicine side effects aren’t noticeable unless you take them for a longer period. If the medicine that is showing side effects on you is relatively new on the market, you can report about it or consult your doctor to prescribe you a different medicine.

With the help from a reputable doctor who can understand your bodily conditions and your other medicinal intakes and prescribe medicine accordingly, you can significantly lessen the high blood pressure medication side effects.