4 Fitness Tips for 2015

The new years resolution period is over. But many of us want to keep committed to our fitness goals. Here are some ideas for staying motivated into 2015.

1. Make Health a Priority

Many people set goals, and then negotiate themselves out of them. Stop telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow,” “I have to clean the kitchen first,” “I’m too tired today,” and so on. These are not positive messages, they are rationalizations keeping you from your goals.

2. Set Specific Goals

Goals that are too general, like “I am going to lose as much weight as possible this year,” are not motivating in the right way. It’s easier to hold yourself accountable and push through discomfort when you have a specific standard. It can be as complex as creating a workout schedule for every day of the week, or as simple as committing to go on a 30 minute walk once a day.

3. Be Self-Compassionate

Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Your form may not be perfect. You may cheat on your diet. You may oversleep and miss a workout. The most important thing when this happens is to pick yourself and keep going. Don’t create a vicious cycle of blame and self-criticism, which will help no one. Allow yourself to be perfectly imperfect.

4. Take Your Colostrum

I know we say it a lot here at ImmuneTree, but that’s because it works. Colostrum is one of the most powerful fitness life hacks on the market today. It supports fat loss and the generation of lean muscle mass, two things essential to most people’s fitness goals. Having a stronger immune system means feeling better and missing fewer workouts due to illness. Try it! It’s one decision you won’t regret.