5 High Fiber Foods Your Body Craves

Fiber is essential in aiding the digestive process. If you’re not consuming enough fiber, you could suffer the consequences which include constipation, elevated cholesterol, and even hemorrhoids (ouch!) Add the following 5 high fiber foods to your daily diet and you can rest assured, things will get moving along naturally.


Bananas, pears, oranges and apples are a natural and sweet solution for meeting your daily fiber requirement. Prunes and applesauce can also be added to your kid’s lunchbox if he’s suffering from constipation too.


From butternut to spagetti squash to all the other deliciou varieties like acorn squash, these winter veggies are packed with fiber, nutrients, and carotenoids. Steam, slice or bake your favorites and keep them on hand for snacking.

Leafy Lettuce

When it comes to lettuces, go leafy, or go home. Green leaf lettuce, spinach, mustard, and collard greens are loaded with fiber and beta-carotene.


Whether you eat them fresh, toss them in a salad, or whip them up into a smoothie, berries and their tiny little seeds are packed with healthy antioxidants and fiber.


The most fiber-dense of all foods is beans, but they’re not just packed with fiber. Beans are nutrient-rich and can be eaten as a meat replacement if you’re following a vegetarian diet. Add them atop your salads, in your chilis, or as a side item. Whether you use pinto, black beans, or navy beans, beans are an excellent choice to ensure you’re consuming enough dietary fiber.

What’s your favorite fiber-rich food? Leave a comment below.