5 Unhealthy Foods You’re Addicted To

Do you know the 5 unhealthy foods you’re addicted to? Sure you might crave chocolate or sweets, but cravings aren’t the same as addiction. These bad habits have been chemically-engineered to keep you coming back… for more.

1. Soda- Whether you call it soda, pop, or Cola, it’s all the same. Soda is the biggest contender on the list of 5 things you’re addicted to. Healthier alternative- Carbonated water infused with fruits, citrus, or cucumber slices.

2. Microwave Popcorn- Snap, crackle, and then pop! You might think your microwave popcorn is a healthier alternative to potato chips and pretzels, and you’re actually wrong. The microwave bag itself is manufactured with chemicals that make it heat-safe. Who wants to feed that to their kids during movie time? Healthier alternative- Opt for whole kernels and pop them yourself in a popcorn popper. Dash with pink Himalayan salt for added minerals.

3. Fast Food- Do you have the bad habit of eating on the run? Fast food is packed with fats, sugars and salts. While convenience foods might be tasty and quick, the reason you really crave that burger or chicken nuggets every single week is because of the chemicals.

4. Cured Meats- One word. Bacon. It’s everywhere. Bacon is one of the most popular meats. From being deep fried and sold at the County Fair, to smothered in milk chocolate, bacon and all cured meats are packed with sodium nitrates to keep them fresh as they sit on the shelf. Cut back on pepperoni, salami, beef sticks, and (sigh) bacon. Healthier alternative- tuna, chicken, boiled eggs. All three are just as convenient- and much better for you.

5. Salty Starches- Greasy and salty starches make it very difficult to stop after just one chip. French fries, cheese puffs, and nacho chips might have you hooked. According to New York food expert Marion Nestle, “These foods have undergone the Maillard reaction, which causes baked, fried, and toasted foods to turn attractively brown and taste yummy.” A healthier alternative? Baked kale chips, baked sweet potato chips, and baked potato slices.

How to Kick a Bad Habit

It’s not easy to kick a bad habit, especially if you’ve grown accustomed to eating these foods, day in, and day out. The best thing you can do to ward off the continual cravings is to go cold turkey. Switching to a ketogenic diet short-term can help break the sugar addiction. In addition, Paleo lifestyle recipes can get you back on board with eating raw and healthy.

Your body is your most important and valuable asset. Take good care of it and ditch the foods that are owning you. You might be rewarded with decreased cholesterol, improved digestion, and increased vitality. All three are key in living a long and healthy life.