Anti wrinkle pillow

Anti aging and anti wrinkle pillows have been around for quite some time now. Anti wrinkle pillows are available from various manufacturers these day and these are known be some quite effective remedies for anti aging with least side effects.

So how does anti wrinkle pillow work?

The anti wrinkle pillow doesn’t work like any of the traditional and modern anti aging miracle medicines. The whole idea behind anti wrinkle pillows is based on the fact that people who sleep with their stomach or side downwards tend to scrunch up their face. As a result, wrinkles tend to develop naturally on the face making it worse for those who are already seeing signs of aging.

This is where the anti wrinkle pillows come into play. They are designed in a way so as to ensure that your face suffers the least scrunches caused involuntarily due to your sleeping styles. When you sleep on your side, you can rest you head on the pillow while keeping your cheek free and preventing it from friction with the pillow, hence keeping it from getting scrunched.

To facilitate this, anti wrinkle pillows bear a crescent shape; you can rest your head on the pillow while keeping your check from coming in contact with it. You will instantly see the difference and tell it apart from a regular pillow. However, there are some anti wrinkle pillows that look just like the normal pillow save for the recess in the middle that allows to rest your head normally without letting the skin on your cheek touch the pillow surface.

Besides preventing your cheek skin from scrunching, the anti wrinkle pillows also help maintain a good supply of air to your cheeks. The materials used in building such pillows are also a bit different from the ones used in regular pillows. The anti aging pillows are generally made of a satin fabric that don’t soak up the moisture and the creams that you apply on your skin.

Although anti aging pillows are getting pretty popular in the modern day, similar practices have been known to exist for quite long. Oriental women were known to sleep on concave porcelainware pillows.

Anti aging pillow: General consensus

Many people have claimed that these anti wrinkle pillows work great, especially in preserving the moisture and the creams they apply on their skin. However, to see significant results, you should use these pillows regularly and for a longer period of time. Anti wrinkle and anti aging pillows aren’t wonder drugs that you can expect to see results from in a matter of weeks. You need to be quite consistent in using them and should follow the necessary guidelines.

Sleeping on the back vs anti wrinkle pillows

If you can sleep on your back, that would be the most effective strategy that would serve the purpose of anti wrinkle pillows without using one. However, not everyone is used to sleeping on their back and some might even experience back pains sleeping in such positions.

If you want to save yourself from sleep wrinkles without changing your sleeping style, getting yourself an anti wrinkle pillow would be the ideal choice.