Acupuncture points for weight loss

Acupuncture can help you lose weight and has been found to be effective than many other traditional weight loss measures. Acupuncture for weight loss involves applying pressure to special points on the body in order to expel excess heat and moisture and hence improve circulation. There are acupuncture points for weight loss in the body, which when exploited rightfully can improve the process of digestion, blood flow and facilitates a balance in metabolism. Acupuncture involves usage of needles, acu-tacks etc. to stimulate certain points in the body in order to stabilize your body naturally.

To have the best results of acupuncture, one needs to know the proper acupuncture points to apply the pressure to. For instance, according to the researchers, the stomach 36 point can help with weight loss. The point lies just below the knee and applying pressure to this point with the help of acupuncture needles helps in regulating the production of POMC. The POMC keeps you from craving for more food and also reduces body weight.

Acupuncture points for weight loss

There are a couple of other acupuncture points for weight loss in the body which have been found to be quite significant in terms of facilitating weight loss. These points lie along the 12 energy meridicans according to the traditional Chinese medicine.

Stomach 36 Acupuncture weight loss point

There are certain points along the stomach meridian that are known to stabilize digestion and help in weight loss. These stomach 36 acupuncture points lie outside the shinbone and below the patella. Applying pressure on stomach 36 points improve the body’s ability for nutrition intake as it releases hydrochloric acid. Thus, you will feel fuller and won’t crave for more food which will eventually lead to weight loss. This point can help with a lot of body issues besides helping in losing weight such as sinusitis, asthma, tennis elbow and a lot more.

Acupuncture point for weight loss: Spleen 6

The Spleen 6 is located at a point where the meridians of spleen, liver and kidney intercept each other. According to the traditional Chinese Medicine, the spleen 6 acupuncture weight loss point is also known as Three Yin Intersection. The spleen 6 acupuncture point lies above the ankle bone. Issues related to these three organs are addressed by applying acupuncture on the spleen 6 point. The spleen meridian balances fluids in the body. So, if you feel drained out or need to enhance a proper water balance on your body, applying pressure on this point can help you achieve so.

Conception Vessel 12: Acupuncture weight Loss Point

The conception vessel 12 or CV12 acupuncture weight loss point lies midway between CV8 and CV 16. The Conception vessel is ideal for stress related digestive disorders such as nervous stomach, diarrhea etc. that result due to excessive stress or over contemplation. The conception vessel 12 or CV 12 acupuncture point is used for a wide range of digestive issues and also helps in weight loss.

Spleen 9

The spleen 9 meridian helps with changing food into energy and can improve water retention. Spleen 9 is known to give immediate weight loss results. The SP9 acupuncture weight loss point is found on the inside of the leg and below the knee.

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