Bad Breath Remedies

Bad breath is something that many of us deal with on a daily basis. Haitosis or bad breath as we call it normally is an issue that we have seen for centuries on end. There are many bad breath home remedies that can be used to cure or at least mitigate the effects of the things that are responsible for bad breath. The Greeks in ancient times used several bad breath home remedies including anise seed, myrrh, cinnamom etc. as a cure for bad breath. Although these home remedies work great for some people, for some others they aren’t found to be quite effective.

Bad breath home remedy tips are found in abundance on the internet. There are many clinical and home based treatment solutions for bad breath. However, whatever method you adopt, you should first be aware of the factors that are responsible for causing bad breaths. These factors are listed as follows:

Bad breath causes: What causes bad breath

Bad breath cause: Foods

No matter what kind of home based bad breath remedy you find, unless you bring radical changes in your food habits, you cannot succeed in warding off your bad breath problem. Foods like garlic, onion and some spicy foods have been found to cause bad breath problems. In some cases, cheese, fish, coffee etc. can also lead to bad breath. However, the problems that might arise due to the intake of these don’t last long. You  may also see some bad breath relate dissues due to food getting stuck in your teeth, and some bacteria that may be lodged into your oral cavities.

Poor Dental or oral hygiene

Among the many causes of bad breath in human beings is poor dental hygiene; i.e. lack of proper attention to regular cleaning and flossing of the oral cavity. As a result of poor dental hygiene, food particles get lodged in between the teeth and lead to unpleasant smell. Not just that, this causes plaque to build up in the mouth leading to various kinds of diseases of the gums like gingivitis.

Bad breath can be caused due to certain diseases

There are certain diseases that may lead to bad breath. Infections of the mouth, sore throat, bronchitis etc. can be a major causative agent for bad breaths.

Bad breath caused due to Morning breath

Your mouth feels dry and grimy upon waking up because the amount of saliva produced during your sleep is less. As a result, certain bacteria start breeding in your mouth.


Some food items are big time stinkers and give out an unpleasant smell. Onions, garlic etc. can be a reason behind bad breath. As a bad breath remedy, if you are suffering from smelly mouth, you can reduce your intake of these foods and similar others. Besides these, tobacco and alcohol due to their smell also lead to bad breath.

Bad breath cause: Medicine

Saliva keeps your mouth hydrated and rinses away certain bacteria present therein that are responsible for bad breath. Drugs like antidepressants, diuretics etc. can lead to dry mouth, hence resulting in bad breath.

Bad Breath remedies

Natural remedies for bad breath: Drink plenty of water

As discussed earlier, dry mouth is a leading cause for bad breath. As a bad breath remedy, drink more water. If you drink very little water during the day, especially in the dry seasons, there will be less saliva formation. The microbes responsible for bad breath release certain byproducts of the food they feed upon resulting in unpleasant odor of the mouth. To keep off these microbes, your body needs to produce more saliva and for that you obviously need to drink more water.

Have more fruits rich in fibre

Foods that are rich in fibre help the body in keeping off the bacteria that cause bad breath. One of the most recommended bad breath remedies is having enough food rich in fibre esp. fruits like apple, pears, bananas etc. They work by preventing the formation of plaque that can cause bad breath.

Mouth diseases cause bad breath

Certain diseases of the mouth can cause bad breath. These mainly comprise of diseases of the gums and some other ones that lead to a dry mouth. Diseases of the gums can be cured by having medications and proper therapies. Getting rid of them would make your bad breath woes go away too.

Mouthwash with Zinc

Use mouthwash that contains more zinc ions. Zinc neutralizes malodorous sulphur compounds and keeps off bad breath. Also make sure to avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol.

Brush your teeth properly

If you brush your teeth properly, your will amazingly lessen your chances for producing bad breath. While brushing, reach out to every corner of your mouth and remove any food particles lodged therein if any. Brushing your teeth well is a perfect bad breath remedy at home. Also make sure to choose your toothpaste wisely. Brushing at least twice a day is also very necessary to prevent bad odor of mouth.

Besides these, there are many bad breath home remedies that will help you keep off these bacteria that lead to bad breath.


Some people have reported to have seen improvements after starting to use colostrum. It also helps make the mouth less dry as well as make your tongue more pink. You can check out ImmuneTree’s colostrum powder if you want to try it out for your bad breath related problems.