Early pregnancy signs: Some signs of early pregnancy

There are many ways to learn if you are pregnant. It is common for women to get anxious about pregnancy at certain expected time. There are dozen ways of knowing if you are pregnant and these don’t have to be any advanced tests to be conducted in the labs. Lets have a look at some early pregnancy signs.

Feeling elated

Feeling of fun: There could be some psychological cum biological reason behind this but generally, during pregnancy women feel more elated than usual.

Early sign of pregnancy: Feeling of sickness

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is feeling sick in odd ways. However, this may not come to all women. After about six weeks of your pregnancy, you will start to get a kind of sick feeling. You will feel queasy and dizzy. You may also experience weird abdominal pains caused due to implantation. You will be able to tell it apart from menstrual cramps.

Feeling of fatigueness during pregnancy

Due to the abdominal implantation, you tend to feel tired than usual. Feeling of fatigueness is a common early pregnancy sign. Due to a lot of hormonal changes and cell reproduction going on in your body, its natural to feel fatigue.

Early pregnancy sign: Higher oxygen requirement

As your body needs to supply oxygen to the growing fetus as well, you will tend to have shortness of breath even while doing mild activities. This goes on to increase as the fetus gets bigger and demands for more oxygen.

Urinating Frequently

During pregnancy, there is larger hormonal activity and also a larger volume of blood in your body. Your kidneys will need to work more and as a result you feel the desire to urinate more frequently.

Early pregnancy signs: Sore breasts

Your breasts become a lot more tender during pregnancy, more like what you feel right before your period. Your breasts become larger and the veins in them begin to show. Not just that, as your breasts become more tender at this time, you will see the darkening in the areolas and may also feel soreness in your breasts. Tender breasts and feeling of soreness Is common during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Headaches during pregnancy

Headaches are common signs of pregnancy. The change in hormones is the major cause behind headaches during this period. It Is recommended to have acetaminophen instead of ibuprofen for relief.

Extensive craving for food

Craving for food is a sign of pregnancy that has been much talked of in popular culture too. The cravings for food may differ but generally they crave for sweeter and spicey food items. If you are craving for more sweet or sour food than usual, it could be a sign of pregnancy.

These early pregnancy signs would come in handy in determining if you’re pregnant.