Belly fat is a major problem for many people living in the urban and sub urban areas. Belly fat is existent even on people who have a good six pack of abs. The volume of your belly fat has a great impact on your health and you should really do something about putting it on check.

Understanding belly fat and belly fat diet

There are mainly two types of fat in our body. The one that lies just under the skin in the buttocks, thighs, hips etc. are called the subcutaneous fat. The other type of fat is deep seated and lies around our vital organs such as heart and lungs; these are known as visceral fat. You should however understand that the visceral fat is more dangerous to health than the subcutaneous fat as it can impose health related issues even for thin people.

Belly Fat Diet: what to eat and what not to

Eat healthy protein, healthy fats carbohydrates and you would soon start losing your belly fat. There aren’t any foods specifically that you should stay away from to lose your abdominal fat. If you have a craving for ice cream or sandwiches, go ahead and have them. As these are rich in healthy protein, fibre and carbohydrate, these help put your fat on check and help you build good looking abs. A more detailed list of belly fat diet is given below:

  1. Have almonds and nuts. These also help you fight obesity, heart disease and reduce craving for fatty foods.
  2. Don’t skip any meals, have your regular meals otherwise you would grow hungry.
  3. Have more grains. Whole grains are rich in nutrients and fibre and help you stay full. These prevent insulin spikes and thus lessen the belly fat storage.
  4. Have more vegetables and fruits especially the ones rich in fibre. These are also pretty less in calories.
  5. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids should be given more priority. These help in reducing belly fat and help maintain a constant and desirable body weight.
  6. Green tea: Green tea has a lot of health benefits. As it is loaded with antioxidants, it helps reduce belly fat and prevent various diseases. Having 1-2 cups of green tea everyday is highly recommended.
  7. Have more spinach and green vegetables. These help neutralize free radicals and molecules that directly contribute to belly fat.
  8. Greek yoghurt has less fat constituent and is also a very good source of protein and calcium. It acts as a great belly fat diet and also helps you stay full longer and fight your craving for inflammatory foods.
  9. Drink lots of water. Drinking ample water not only helps you reduce your belly fat but also benefits your body in a lot many ways. It helps keep you energy level and reduce your portions at meals.
  10. aim for more lean protein containing diet such as fish or tofu. These act as good belly fat diets and also help boost your metabolism.

These belly fat diets are highly recommended if you are serious about reducing the fat around your stomach. A natural supplement such as colostrum supplements for weight loss and fat reduction can also dramatically help you lose belly fat and can help you achieve results faster. You can look at some of ImmuneTree’s colostrum offerings such as the ImmuneTree LeptiTrim6 Nighttime Formula, which is one of the most talked of colostrum based weight loss products in the market today.