Obamacare weight loss and more

There is a good new for those who are eagerly trying various weight loss majors. Insurance companies have been helping many obese people for quite some years now offering weight loss programs at businesses and communities. Some of the insurance companies have also been found to pay for prescription medicines against obesity. You might not know but there are some others who have also been paying for more expensive measures such as the gastric bypass surgery.

Insurance plans these days are required to help people looking for weight loss measures to make them go under Obama’s health care law. Obamacare requires the insurance companies to screen and counsel for obesity without requiring the patient to share costs. Obamacare and weight loss relation have been amplified with the law continuing to add more plans very soon. As per the law, some of the plans don’t need to cover obesity screening and treatment if they haven’t changed their coverage since the time the law was first passed in 2010.

Obamacare weight loss plans

According to Obamacare obesity plans, if a health care provider screens a patient’s BMI also known as body mass index to determine if they are obese, the provider should first offer some weight loss counseling and refer them to a service. The plans covered by Obamacare vary widely though. Based on that, some insurers are just required to offer telephone counseling while others may need to offer a health coach who could offer some lifestyle advice. American Medical Association’s decision of recognizing obesity as a disease triggered such insurance coverage for the treatment of obesity under Obamacare.