Coenzyme Q10: Anti Aging, Heart Diseases and more

Coenzyme Q10 or simply known as CoQ10 is one of the popular anti aging supplements that also helps with skin care, remedy for heart diseases and for curing of numerous other health issues.  Coenzyme Q10 although being relatively newer in the skincare industry, it has quickly become one of the widely researched health supplements mainly because of its wide range of health benefits.

Coenzyme Q10 Introduction

Coenzyme Q10 is actually a compound that the human body naturally produces and is also known as the Vitamin Q. Its main role is to keep the various systems and organs in the body running smoothly. VitaminQ or CoQ10 was first identified in 1957 by Professor Fredrick L. Crane and Colleagues at the University of Wisconsin Madison Enzyme Institute. It was extensively researched to understand its benefits to the human body. Coenzyme Q10 has been found to be significant in relation with aging process because it has been found that the levels of CoQ10 greatly decrease with age. Coenzyme Q10 for anti aging is quite popularly used basically through Coenzyme Q10 containing supplmenets. In patients with heart diseases and some other health disorders, the levels of CoQ10 has been found to be less. Therefore, taking supplements containing CoQ10 can help increase the levels of Coenzyme Q10 in the body which helps slow down the aging process. Although the usage of Coenzyme Q10 has been known to show significant improvements in case of various health related issues and anti aging, it isn’t clinically used for the treatment of body conditions.

CoQ10 Anti Aging

As aging progresses, the mitochondria start to see a functional loss and greatly effects age dependent functionalities. Many studies have been conducted to study the relation between functional los of mitochondria and aging process. studies have found that CoQ10 influences the cellular metabolism processes and helps to body the keep off various signs of aging. Coenzyme Q10 and anti aging’s main relation lies in the fact that the prior improves the mitochondrial function in the skin.

Coenzyme Q10 dosage

The recommended dosage of Coenzyme Q10 varies widely depending on various factors such as age, body conditions etc. For a regular Coenzyme Q10 deficiency, a dose of 150mg per day is recommended. For those with heart diseases, a dose of 100mg per day is advised.

CoQ10 Anti aging dosage

Coenzyme Q10 anti aging dosage varies from 150mg to 200mg or 2mg/kg/day. However, people can increase this to upto 3000mg per day. However, proper care and consultation from doctors is required as taking it in high amounts can bring about various side effects.

CoQ10 Anti Aging Benefits

Coenzyme Q10 can be a boon to your skin if you have started to see clear signs of aging in you. Deficiency of the compound can also cause your body to produce lesser callogen and other important molecules that are essential to maintain a healthy and young looking skin. Besides that, skins lacking in CoQ10 is more likely to be damaged due to free radicals which are found abundantly in the skin. Taking anti aging CoQ10 supplements can help in skin repair process and regeneration.

Coenzyme Q10 Side effects

As with many other anti aging supplements, coenzyme Q10 supplements are also not without side effects. it can cause some problems in digestion including loss of appetite and diarrhea. Besides that, in some people, it can also bring about skin rashes. In case of people with low blood pressure, it is advised that they take smaller amounts of Coenzyme Q10 multiple times a day rather than taking larger amounts. As it is known to lower blood pressure, people suffering from both high or low blood pressure should consult a  doctor before taking it. Besides that, it has also been found to cause insomnia in some people.