DIY Weight loss body wraps

Body wraps are quite popular for weight loss, especially in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. Body wraps help you look slimmer on the stomach, buttocks and other areas of your body. These days, many people prepare body wraps for weight loss at home because they are cheaper than what you pay for at the spas. Homemade weight loss body wraps aren’t very difficult to make. Do it yourself body wraps are just as effective as the ones you get at the spas. Here is a short guide on how to prepare body wraps for weight loss at home.

Weight loss body wraps at home

A body wrap should contain a variety of ingredients such as essential oils like lavender, lemongrass etc., herbs like chamomile flower powder or rose petals etc. these ingredients are easily available at natural health food stores or can be purchased on the internet. Take for example a clay body wrap recipe. It requires a cup of green clay, 2 tablespoons of live oil, 2 cups of water and quarter o f a cup of sea salt. You just need to boil the water with the sea salt making the latter dissolve. The remaining ingredients are then added into it after which you can apply it on your body.

Seaweed, French green clay and bentonite are some common forms of powdered clay used in the preparation of weight loss body wraps at home. Some recipes even recommend adding a few drops of natural essential oil to help you relax better and have a soothing sensation. You can use citrus, rose or lavender oils.

Applying weight loss body wraps

You might need help from your friend in applying weight loss body wraps. Get a large sheet of cloth and wrap it around your body. You can also use plastic cling wrap for this purpose. Get a shower curtain and lay it on the top of the sheet. Wear a bathing suit or underwear. Now wrap your hips, arms and  torso. Just make sure that every part of your body is properly covered. It’s a good practice to wrap wrap towards to heart to aid in lymphatic drainage. All in all, you should have it wrapped on your body as tightly as possible.

Lie down with the body wrap on

Now with the wrap on, lie down for about 45 minutes. If you don’t want to deal with the mess, you can also do this in your bathroom. Once you are done, take a warm bath to remove the mixture from your body. However, don’t use too hot or too cold water for the bath.

Now dab your skin dry and put on loose clothing to ensure proper ventilation to your skin pores. Excess fluids are formed in the lymph nodes which help boost your immunity. They help in losing weight fast because of the squeezing action; your tissues get compressed upon the application of the body wrap cloth. Not just that, the wrap also extracts toxins that lead to your weight gain. Application of the wrap makes your pores open up allowing the drainage of these toxins and excess water.

After the application of weight loss body wraps, excess fluids will be built up on the lymph system. Therefore drink one or two glasses or water for urination so that the excess wastes get drained from the body.

These tips will help you prepare and apply weight loss body wraps in an effective way for weight loss and detoxification of your whole body.

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