Teeth whitening at home

Ok who doesn’t want to have a bright teeth and hence a bright smile. However, not everyone do have healthy white teeth and many of them suffer from discoloured and stained teeth. With whiter teeth, smiling feels good and it will make you feel more conscious about yourself. White teeth definitely are signs of good health and good care. There are various ways to get whiter teeth ranging from natural measures to artificial ones. Even at home teeth whitening is possible with various home remedies. If you want to flash a healthier and brighter smile next time, here are some teeth whitening tips that can be applied at home.

At home teeth whitening tips:

Teeth Whitening strips

There are plenty of brands that produce teeth whitening strips. However you should be careful on picking the right one, necessarily the ones that are approved by the American Dental Association. These whitening strips should be free from chlorine dioxide and should be made of polyethylene.


At home teeth whiteners mainly comprise of peroxide as the main ingredient. Peroxide is a bleaching agent that can be safely applied into the mouth. The higher the concentration of peroxide and the longer you leave on your teeth, the better its impact is. However, there are some downsides to using peroxide containing teeth whiteners. The bleaching molecules in them can get trapped in your nerve passageways and lead to higher tooth sensitivity. This however is just temporary.

Baking soda and peroxide

Make a paste of peroxide and baking soda. Now Take a small, square once folded piece of tin foil & form a molded teeth guard of upper teeth. Now place a small squared paper towel inside the foil and put a small portion of the paste inside it. Hold it there for at least 15 minutes and then rinse and wash properly. This can be carried out two times in a week.

Turmeric powder and mustard oil

A more traditional method for at home teeth whitening is the usage of turmeric powder with mustard oil. These two ingredients should be mixed well to form a slurry which should then be applied on the teeth with the help of a toothbrush.

Brush your teeth well

Brush your teeth well. Brushing is the best and easiest way to maintain healthy and white teeth. If you don’t spend much time brushing your teeth, start giving more time for it. however, don’t apply too much pressure while brushing as it may be harmful for the enamel on your teeth.

At home teeth whitening with Sesame oil

Oil pulling with sesame oil is also a good way to whiten your teeth. This at home teeth whitening method requires sesame oil as the main ingredient. You just need to take a little bit of the oil(a teaspoon or two but not too much that it fills up your mouth) and gargle gently with it. Gargle for 15-20 minutes until the oil gets thinner. Repeat this process for a couple of days and you would see some significant changes in your teeth. Make sure to cover every part of your mouth while gargling with swish and swirl until your jaws start to ache. Also make sure that you don’t swallow.

These at home teeth whitening tips can come handy for those who don’t want to spend a fortune in teeth whitening.