Female bodybuilding diet

Female bodybuilding diet and related talk gets lost in the vastness of bodybuilding supplements and diet for men. Women are less likely to get into bodybuilding and their number in professional bodybuilding is pretty low as compared to men. However, the number is increasing and more women are embarking on their journey to having an awesome looking body. Women’s muscles aren’t as big as men’s and they need to take a proper diet course and special type of workouts to proceed in the right direction.

Female bodybuilding diet

The right kind of female bodybuilding diet coupled with proper exercise and workouts can give you the kind of body that you dream of. However, there are many things that may influence your choice of diets. If you are just looking forward to joining a gym to shed excess fat, you will do away with regular diets. However, if you want to build bigger muscles, you will need to plan a proper female bodybuilding diet and take the necessary supplements as well if necessary.

Besides this, your body type should also be considered while planning a proper diet. However, regardless of all the factors, there are certain foods that work best for any female body type.

Female body building diet: Planning a proper diet

Women’s bodybuilding diet should contain all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will help them to get ripped faster. Lets have a look at the nutritional breakdown of an ideal female bodybuilding diet.

Protein for female bodybuilding:

Protein plays a key role in building up the lean muscle mass. Not just that protein helps in controlling apetite and indirectly contributes in burning fat. Bodybuilding women should have anywhere from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight everyday. Serious bodybuilders should aim for even higher. Focus should be given more on having protein that are rich in all essential amino acids and having a healthy mix of different kinds of foods that are rich in protein.

Female bodybuilding diet and fat

Female bodybuilding diet should comprise of a sizable portion of fat in their regular diet as it helps them maintain a low fat percentage in the body. It also helps maintain the lean muscle mass in the body. Focus should be put more on polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat that are found in foods like fish, nuts, plant oils etc. among others. Besides, fat is also necessary to keep maintain the testosterone level in women as shown in a study.

Carbohydrate in women’s bodybuilding diet

Carbohydrates form the larger part of a bodybuilder’s diet, be it a male or a female bodybuilder. Foods rich in carbohydrate are best suited for doing intense workouts. A wide range of fruits and vegetables, brown rice, sweet potatoes and oats are ideal sources of complex carbohydrates for female bodybuilders.

Female bodybuilding diet : Foods

Having proper foods in right quantities is very necessary. There are certain foods that are rich in most of the nutrient’s that a bodybuilder’s body needs. Here are some useful food recommendations for female bodybuilders

  1. Eggs, chicken, turkey, etc. are all great sources of protein that you should fall in love with.
  2. Have more brown rice, whole wheat bread, Ezekiel bread, cream of wheat and oatmeal as stated earlier to fulfil your body’s carbohydrate needs.
  3. Leafy vegetables like Broccoli, asparagus, green beans etc. are must for the mineral needs of your body.
  4. Oranges, pineapples, Bananas and other vitamin and mineral rich fruits
  5. Drink plenty of water as it not only helps flush out the unwanted toxins from the body but also keeps you healthy. Besides, if you are working out extensively, you should have ample water to meet your body’s needs.

The aforementioned female bodybuilding diet tips can be based upon to formulate an efficient bodybuilding diet plan.

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