Hoodia weight loss: Everything you need to know

Hoodia cacti or simply known as Hoodia has been touted as one of the wonder drugs for weight loss. Found in the semi deserts of South Africa, Namibia, Angola and some other African countries, these have over 20 species. Among these, the Hoodia Gordonii is the one that interest us the most because it is known to contain appetite suppressant that can significantly help in weight loss.

Hoodia Gordonii is a drug that has gained much attention among as a highly potential weight loss drug or pill. Hoodia works by suppressing your appetite and eventually helping you shed some weight. However, you should be informed that the over the top publicity from the manufacturers of Hoodia may be far from true because some users of the product have complained quite badly about it.

Hoodia Gordonii works by releasing a chemical similar to glucose that stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain, the center in the brain that is responsible for making you crave for more food. It gives an indication to the hypothalamus that enough food has been consumed.

Hoodia weight loss: Things to know

Hoodia Gordonii does help you lose weight but in its own ways. It can also be used with other weight loss supplements that work differently in facilitating weight loss. There are many things that you should be pre-informed of before you start taking Hoodia. Firstly, you might need to take larger dosage than what is prescribed in the labels. In fact, you might need it in amounts that is many times more than what is prescribed. Manufacturers claim that 100mg of Hoodia in a serving, three times a day would be enough to keep your hypothalamus under control. However, after you start to consume it, you would feel the need for more depending on your body size and weight. Some people might need around 900-1000mg of Hoodia for it to actually show some effect.

Although some Hoodia weight loss reviews are quite tempting, you should always set realistic goals. As said above, Hoodia works by suppressing your hunger. It helps put a check on your urge for food. Therefore, keeping this in mind, you should also be prepared not to overeat.

Hoodia is not for bodybuilders

Be informed Hoodia doesn’t help you gain lean muscle mass. it however improves your metabolism and can indirectly facilitate your efforts at bodybuilding. As your metabolism strengthens and you crave for less food, you can aim for burning an extra 1000 calorie everyday to lose weight at a quicker pace and to get ripped quick.

Hoodia Gordonnii side effects: Side effects of Hoodia weight loss pills

Hoodia Gordonii pill manufacturers often claim Hoodia weight loss pills to have no side effects. Although the San Busmen of Kalahari desert of Africa have been known to use it for thousands of years, its popularity in North America and Europe rose quite late. There haven’t been proper research on the effectiveness of Hoodia to learn about its potential side effects. However, from user experiences, many health practitioners have shown serious concerns about the usage of Hoodia Gordooni.

Hoodia Gordonii effects liver

It is known to show some side effects on the liver caused by components of Hoodia. Therefore, as it effects the liver, it also has potential to react with other medications thus resulting in some unpleasant repercussions.

Hoodia Diabetes incomptability

People with diabetes should be warned against using Hoodia weight loss pills. As Hoodia stimulates the brain’s hypothalamus into thinking that enough has been eaten and hence there’s enough blood sugar in the system. This can result in drop in blood sugar level.

Hoodia suppresses thirst

Besides that, Hoodia also suppresses thirst. So, if you have started taking Hoodia weight loss pills, you might suffer dehydration without noticing it.

Hoodia: Pregnant women should avoid it

Hoodia weight loss pills should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women.

People with certain body conditions

People suffering from the diseases concerning kidney or liver should avoid Hoodia and if need be should look for other weight loss solutions like Colostrum pills.

Although Hoodia weight loss pills have gained much popularity in the recent years, you should be forewarned of the side effects that it may have on the body. If you are thinking about having them, make sure to buy from trusted producers.