HCG is on the Ropes!

Well the Feds are finally cracking down on the homeopathic weight loss remedy, HCG.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Federal regulators are ordering several companies to stop selling an unproven weight loss remedy that uses protein from the human placenta.

The Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to seven companies that sell the protein as drops, pellets or sprays. HCG is produced by the placenta and found in the urine of pregnant women. While it is approved for certain infertility treatments, the FDA says there is no evidence it helps reduce weight.

Well I have now worked with several hundred individuals that have been placed at risk because of following the HCG diet, not the dosing mind you, but the program itself. You see, anyone who cuts their caloric intake down to just 500 calories per day will end up losing weight, not the good kind-FAT, but muscle mass. The easiest energy source once you cut calories is lean protein or muscle mass, which helps you to burn calories. The more lean muscle you have the more calories your body uses as fuel.  Why do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger could consume upwards of 10,000 calories per day when he was in his prime? Because he had more lean muscle mass which acts like a metabolic engine that burns the calories he put into his body.

When you are looking for a diet plan, make sure it addresses the underlying issues that will give you the long-term benefits you are looking for, but without putting you at risk:

  1. The diet should help fill the communication gap between your stomach and the hypothalamus (the overeating mechanism) so you don’t overeat.
  2. The diet should help curtail cravings for sweets. It isn’t wrong to want some sweets, but most people find they aren’t in control and overindulge.
  3. The diet should help balance the body’s thermostat (the thyroid) for a better, natural thermogenic burn, but without stimulants. The best energy source is fat, and by getting your thermostat working properly, you can experience much more energy and lose inches.
  4. The diet should help increase your lean muscle mass, which is a large part of your fat-burning engine, allowing you to burn more calories.
  5. The diet should help balance body chemistry which helps to overcome insulin-resistant weight gain and has a positive impact on your adrenal functionality as well as blood pressure.

With the New Year just around the corner and many people thinking about losing some of the extra weight make sure you are asking for the right products that help address the issues in this post and not just a magic pill that will set you up for long-term failure.