Healthy Barbeque tips for summer

Weekend barbeques are what many people crave during Summers. One should however realize that the smoky flavor can lead to serious health hazards. But if you are cautious enough to take the necessary measures, you can prevent yourself from risking the hazards caused due to the consumption over-fried meats.

BBQAt high temperature, proteins found in red meat, fish and chicken can be converted into HCA or heterocyclic amines, which are the causative agents of cancer. In high temperature, the protein structure changes shape and its intake produces serious effects on the body. Another causative agent called PAH or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is found in the smoke coming from barbeques. These are formed when fat and juices from meat trickle down to the heat source. Here are some useful healthy summer barbeque tips to reduce the health risks of barbeques.

Healthy Barbeque tips

  1. Barbeque vegetables: Barbeque Low fat, low calorie vegetables such as mushrooms, ppers and zucchini. Also give veg burgers a try. If you haven’t tasted them, you would be surprised at how good they taste and may even give up eating meat.
  2. Avoid high meat with high fat content such as sausages or ribs. Choose meats which have less fat so that they create lesser PAH. Make sure to remove excess fat and skin before setting your meat for barbeque. Cut your meat into smaller pieces so that they take lesser time to cook.
  3. Marinades are a must. Marinate your meat first in olive oil, garlic or onion to lower the amount carcinogenic substances. Its even better if you use rosemary as it greatly reduces the possibility of production of HCA. This summer barbeque tip should be followed everytime, strictly.
  4. Don’t grill for prolonged periods: Don’t overcook the meat. Its better to thaw the meat before grilling to reduce the cooking time. Keep the heat low. Set the grill rack as far from the heat as possible.
  5. To prevent juices and fats from spilling, resulting in production of hazardous smoke, place alluminiu foil on the planks.
  6. Get rid of charred bits of meat. Trim fat from meat nicely to reduce charring.

If you follow these summer barbeque safety tips, you can significantly reduce the health hazards produced.