How to have a great Summer Sleep

With the onset of summer start the fun and leisure activities. You always look for ways to arrange for more time for relaxation. But due the spike in temperature, you might find a hard time dealing with the heat and getting a sound sleep. Here are some ways that will help you sleep cozily during summer.

Summer sleep tips

  1. Make sure that your bedroom offers a good environment for your sleep. As you enter your bedroom, you should get a feeling that it’s the best place for sleeping.  It shouldn’t have the setting of an office or a living room. It should be dark, quiet and have an ample flow of air. If you don’t have AC, at least arrange for a good quality fan.
  2. Get cotton sheets on your bed rather than satin. It will be more comfortable and best suited for a cozy sleep. Also consider getting good quality pillows and make sure to avoid foam rubber ones as they tend to get quite hot.
  3. A good deal of exercise is needed for a great summer sleep. Perform regular workouts and exercises so that you get exhausted well and your body gets prepared for a sound sleep.
  4. Keep you feet uncovered. Pull blankets over your body but keep your feet out. If your feet get hot, your whole body will feel hotter : a direct hindrance to sleep.
  5. Party invitations are sure to come your way in summer. However, excessive partying can have a direct effect on your sleeping time table. If you drink alcohol, you would feel asleep faster and easier; however it will surely disturb your sleeping cycle.
  6. Drink plenty of water during the day to prevent dehydration. Dehydration causes body aches and headaches thus making you uncomfortable at bed. This is very necessary for a great summer sleep. If you are drunk at a party, drink plenty of water before you go to sleep to prevent dehydration caused by alcohol.
  7. Create a sleep schedule. Make sure that your bed time and wake up times are consistent.
  8. You can also use ice pack covered in cotton or damp cloth on your neck to cool your body.

Follow these tips and enjoy the best summer sleep that you can have. These tips could help you stop using sleep supplements if you consume them regularly.