Laser Teeth Whitenning

There are many products and technologies available for teeth whitening treatment. Some of these have been around for many years while there are some recent risers that have proven to be quite effective. Laser teeth whitening or simply called Laser whitening is one such process or teeth whitening treatment that involves the usage of hydrogen peroxide bleaching chemical which is applied on your teeth along with a whitening accelerator light to help you achieve amazing whitening results in just a matter of an hour. Laser teeth whitening systems are found in abundance on the market. However choosing the right service is very essential.

Laser teeth whitening has been believed to be one of the safest dental cosmetic procedures available on the market. If you have yellowish teeth or highly discoloured teeth that make you want to cover your mouth while your laugh, its high time that you get some teeth whitening service to your disposal. Using laser treatment for whitening teeth involves the usage of hydrogen peroxide gel upon which a special LED light is passed to speed up the process of treatment giving you unbelievably white teeth in just about an hour.

There are a lot of reasons why people get stained teeth. Many a times, the reason for stained teeth is the type of food and drinks consumed. Coffee, tea, wine all contribute to staining of teeth in one way or the other. Nicotine in cigarettes and chewing tobaccos is also another cause for stained teeth. The stains caused due to nicotine cannot be removed by regular brushing and require something more advanced and effective. Such stains are however easier to remove than the intrinsic stains deep seated in the tooth structure. Excess Fluoride and tetracycline intakes upto the age of 14 causes intrinsic tooth stain.  The laser teeth whitening method has been found to work effectively for both intrinsic and extrinsic stains.

Laser teeth whitening and its effectiveness

Using laser for teeth whitening produces impressive results; however they may vary from one person to another. The degree of stain, your tolerance to sensitivity and the type of stain on your teetn(intrinsic or extrinsic) greatly determine the effectiveness of laser teeth whitening treatment. Before administering this treatment, you will be thoroughly examined to determine the amount of stain on your teeth and what kind of results can be obtained.

Laser teeth whitening although being an effective method may not be suitable for everyone. Those with gum diseases or any other oral health disorder may not be suitable candidates.

Laser teeth whitening price

The laser teeth whitening cost varies widely. Laser teeth whitening is definitely one of the most effective methods for teeth whitening. The options also greatly determine the pricing and effectiveness. Laser teeth whitening is of course a high end treatment and you can expect to pay anywhere around $1000 for the treatment. Laser teeth whitening costs however can go above this based on the type and nature of stain on your teeth.

Cheap laser teeth whitening

However, some cheap services are also available that start at around $100. The price then gradually increases as $200 to $500 and eventually to $1000 depending on how effective you want the treatment to be. Such services with multiple pricing options are offered by many dental clinics.

All in all, laser teeth whitening is definitely one of the most effective teeth whitening methods.