The 3 day diet or military diet

3 day diet is an old dieting technique that dates back to 1985. The 3 day diet, also known as the Military Diet is still talked about widely among the weight loss circles. The 3 day diet promises a significant weight loss in 3 days with lower cholesterol, cleansing of body and increasing energy. However, the 3 day diet weight loss program’s authenticity hasn’t been proved scientifically.

3 day diet

The three day diet is also called The Cleveland Clinic diet by some people. The diet is actually a 3 day plan that should be strictly followed for exactly three days. After the three days are complete, one should return back to their regular diet plan for about five days. If they see significant improvements during this time, they can opt to resume the plan.

3 day military diet plan

The three day diet plan has been found to help people lose about 10 pounds in three days. However, technically speaking most of this weight loss can be attributed to the loss in fluids and not necessarily fat. The 3 day diet plan doesn’t cover any exercise tips.

The plan is also very specific about the portion of food that it recommends for consumption. According to this military diet plan, the combination of foods in specific proportions creates a metabolic reaction so effective that it enhances the process for burning fat fast. However, as mentioned earlier, there are no scientific proofs to support this claim.

The three day diet plan yields 1000 calories a day and leads to lower metabolism. Therefore, when you start eating normally after the plan, you start to gain weight even faster. The 3 day diet plan is also very boring and doesn’t promise any good eating habits that are covered in many other diet plans. The 3 day military diet(as many call it)doesn’t cover any long term diet plan that eventually contributes to a happier healthier life

The three day diet plan:

The three day diet plan comprises of a set of foods in specific amounts to be eaten for three days. The plan looks something like one highlighted here:

3 day diet: Day 1

Breakfast: Black coffee or Tea with artificial sweetener(1 packet); half glass of juice, 1 toast and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Lunch: 150 grams of tuna, 1 toast, black coffee or tea with 1-2 artificial sweetener packets

Dinner: 85 grams of chicken, 150 grams of green beans and 125 grams of carrot, 1 apple and 125 grams of vanilla ice cream.

3 day diet: Day 2

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea with 1-2 artificial sweetener packets, 1 egg, half banana and 1 piece of toast.

Lunch: 225 grams of cheese or 150 grams of tuna, 8 cream crackers

Dinner: 85 grams of broccoli or cabbage, 65 grams of carrot, half banana and 65 grams of vanilla ice cream.

3 day diet Day 3

Breakfast: Black coffee or tea with one or two packets of artificial sweetener, cream crackers(5), 25 grams of cheddar cheese and 1 apple

Lunch: Black coffee or tea with artificial sweetener(1-2 packets), one boiled egg and a piece of toast

Dinner: 150 grams of tuna, 125 grams of carrot, 140 grams of cauliflower, 175 grams of melon and 65 grams of vanilla ice cream.

3 day diet plan: Conclusion

The calories in the diet mentioned above are very low; they only generate about a 1000 calories a day. The three day weight loss diet as the name suggests only last three days and cannot be continued on a long term basis or it could have an adverse effect on your health, leading to lack of proper supply of nutrients.  The significance of the three day diet plan lies in the fact that it helps you return to your regular eating style and keeps your metabolic processes from slowing down and enhance your weight loss efforts.

The three day diet plan when taken may show significantly better results when supplemented with natural supplements such as colostrum. You can try colostrum offerings by ImmuneTree such as the LeptiTrim6 capsules, which is one of the highly talked of weight loss product in the market.

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