Raspberry Ketone Supplements

Raspberry Ketone supplements have been known for quite some time now as one of the best fat loss supplements. Raspberry Ketone is found in red raspberries and is responsible for giving berries their aroma. As they are present in low levels in the berries, a large amount of raspberries would be required to extract a significant amount which isn’t feasible from a commercial point of view. Therefore, raspberry ketone supplements are manufacture industrially.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements: Claims by Manufacturers

As with Garcinia Cambogia, the various scientific researches conducted on Raspberry Ketone supplements haven’t concluded that raspberry ketone supplements actually help with weight loss. Raspberry Ketone got popuplar after it was first mentioned on Dr. Oz’s Television show and was gradually popularized as a “miracle fat burner”. The manufacturers the supplements claim that they regulate adiponectin, a hormone which is present in low levels in obese people which may subsequently also help in treating type 2 diabetes. Given its widespread popularity, some manufacturers have also claimed that raspberry ketone supplements slow down the process of ageing.

Although there are claims for users of raspberry ketone supplements that it helps in losing weight, such claims cannot be used for concrete scientific studies. They can only serve as source for hypothesis but a proper study on a sizeable number of people would be required to see and monitor the results on the effectiveness of raspberry ketone supplements.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements for weight loss

Although the scientific researches haven’t confirmed to the significance of raspberry ketone supplements in weight loss, there are some theories backing it. It has been said that Raspberry ketone supplements help in metabolism by increasing the level of adiponectin and norepinephrine which increase the body temperature and cause more fat to burn. Adiponectin reduces the glucose levels thus preventing the formation of glycogen. Due to this reason, raspberry ketone diets have been found significant in treating type 2 diabetes.

Raspberry Ketone Supplements: Scientific Research

The claims around the effectiveness of raspberry ketone supplements are generally cantered around a measly study on mouse conducted in Japan and another study on a rat conducted in Korea. In both cases, these animals were given high fat diet along with raspberry ketone and as a result, they didn’t get obese in either case. However, these researches are pretty insufficient to make any strong claims.

Is it Safe?

Raspberry ketone suplpements have been rated as GRAS by the FDA. However the FDA hasn’t made any tests on its effectiveness and doesn’t support the claims made by its manufacturers either. As the commercial supplements are synthesized industrially, many manufacturers have been known to add ingredeitns like hoodia capsaicin which although having some weight loss benefits may also have other side effects.

Raspberry Ketone Supplement side effects

The potential risks of using raspberry ketone supplements often go unnoticed from the public eyes. As they increase the body temperature and are related to a stimulant called synephrine, they can also cause the heart rate and blood pressure to increase. Therefore, people with heart related issues, high blood pressure, asthma etc. are suggested to stay away from raspberry ketone supplements.

Although there are many raving users of raspberry ketone supplements, proper scientific research on its effectiveness is yet to be made. If you want to use it for yourself, be sure to get it from some trusted manufacturer.