Weight loss after 40

Weight loss after 40 years of age

People of almost all age groups seem to be seeking ways to lose weight and get in shape. As one starts to age, losing weight becomes even more important. Even though you eat the same kind of food and do the same amount of exercise, you just seem to keep putting on some weight, or say your body’s efficiency seems to falter. Although weight loss after 40 seems a little difficult, one of course can maintain a healthy body by following the right course for meals and exercises. Most importantly, one should focus on consuming lesser calories as at this age, the metabolism begins to slow and causes you to put on weight. As it gets difficult to adjust for the slow metabolism, we constantly start putting on more and more weight. Here are some tips that you should follow to exercise a healthy weight loss after 40.

Although slow metabolism is one major cause for weight gain after 40, it for sure isn’t the sole cause for it. There are many social and psychological factors as well that influence our body’s physique or cause us to put on more weight. As one grows older past 40, they get lesser time to get themselves involved in physical activities. Besides, some develop habits like watching TV for hours on end or mindless eating which contribute to weight gain. Here are some tips that you need to follow to start losing weight after 40.

Maintain a balance between your exercise and diet

Even a small amount of extra food consumed on a regular basis can cause you to put on some serious weight. For eg, if you eat 100 extra calories everyday, you will gain anywhere from 8-10 pounds of weight within a year. It would also help if you have a good idea on a variety of foods, especially in terms of the calories they bear.

Couple your diet with proper exercise. Of course, you cannot do intense exercises at the age of 40 but if you want to keep your body in shape, you should start doing exercises regularly. Just consuming fewer calories may not work out for everyone.

After 40 weight loss and Muscle Mass

Muscle mass is a great factor affecting metabolism. When you get past 40, you may not be able to do regular workouts and as a result, your muscle mass just melts. Muscle mass is metabolically more active than fat; meaning it has a tendency to burn quicker than the fat stored in your body. So, while planning for your diet and weight loss, you should also consider about your muscle mass and whether you want to preserve it.

Determining your basal metabolic rate

Basal metabolic rate or BMR is a measure of the number of calories burned by your body while at rest. The calories you burn at rest accounts for 70% of the total calories you burn. You can use an onlin BMR calculator to calculate your basal metabolic rate. These calculators work much like the weight loss calculators and take several factors such as your age, gender, activity level, height etc. to give an estimate of the calories you burn everyday doing your regular activities. You can head over to a couple of BMR calculator websites and then take an average on the data they produce. Based on your BMR, you will need to plan your maintenance calories. Maintainence calories are what you need to have everyday to maintain your current weight and is based on your BMR and your daily activity level. If your activity level changes, you will need to reformulate your diet plan and revise your calorie intake everyday.

Exercise for weight loss after 40

Of course, without proper exercise weight loss after 40 should be very difficult. Your body may not permit you for intense exercises at this age; however you can plan a daily exercise time of 30 minutes. or if you are not habituated for it, you can start by doing it fewer times in a week and then increase the frequency gradually. However, you should also be careful about picking the exercise that is right for your body. Also make sure that you enjoy what you do. Walking is a great form of exercise that would work perfectly for people above 40.

All in all if you want to ensure healthy weight loss you should mainly focus on consuming less calories and planning out your diet and exercises well.

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