Weight Loss Calculators Reviewed

There is no dearth of weight loss calculators on the internet. You can find weight loss calculators from a number of trusted websites including about.com, fitwatch.com etc. But what exactly is a weight loss calculator? Weight loss calculator is a tool that suggests you the amount of calories that you should consume in order to reach your desired weight loss goals. As said earlier, there are dozens of weight loss calculators on the internet and the results they generate vary widely. However, there are some trustworthy sources that you can rely on to get some realistic numbers. Here are some of the best weight loss calculators found on the internet from some trusted and reliable sources.

About.com Weight Loss Calculator

About.com’s weight loss calculator is one of the most popular and most used ones out there. Using it is pretty easy; start by entering your current weight and the weight that you want to attain after a certain time. Go to the next step and enter further details such as your gender, age, height and more. The next section allows you to choose your activity level from sedentary, light activity, moderate activity and very active. You can finally pick a goal date and hit the calculate button to see the results. On the results page, you will see the number of calories you should consume every day to reach your desired weight loss goal by your goal date. Along with that, you get some quick weight loss tips.

Fitwatch.com’s weight loss calculator

Fitwatch.com’s weight loss calculator is actually a target date calculator. This is ideal for those who want to have a quick idea on how long it would take to reach their desired weight goal. You will be required to choose your gender, your current weight, height and age, level of activity(sedentary, lightly active, moderately active, very active, extremely active etc.), start date and the amount of weight you want to lose. Enter those details and hit the calculate button to learn how long it might take for you to reach your weight loss goals. The calculator produces pretty awesome results.

Prokerala.com’s weight loss calculator

Prokerala.com’s weight loss calculator asks you to enter your age, gender, height, current weight, goal weight etc. among others to calculate the date by which you may attain your weight loss goals. It allows you to pick a date, timespan or a healthy time period for your weight loss goals. The healthy time period option can be quite handy if you want to maintain a healthy weight loss. Finally, you can choose your mode of exercise or say your level of activity and then hit the calculate button to obtain the data.

Disabled-world.com’s weight loss plan calculator

Disabled-world.com’s weight loss plan calculator estimates your daily calories requirements for losingn weight. It will also give an idea on how much you should consume to maintain your weigh or even gain certain weight within a given time frame. It asks you to enter your age, gender, height, current weight, daily activity level, targeted weight, number of days within which you want to reach your weight loss goals etc. Once you hit the calculate button.

Freedieting.com’s weight loss calculator

Freedieting.com’s weight loss calculator offers a handful of dieting calculators including calorie calculator, weight gain calculator, macro nutrient calculator, pregnancy calorie calculator and more.  Its weight loss calculator is pretty basic. You will just be asked to enter your current weight, goal weight and adjust the daily calorie deficit slider. As you slide the slider, you will see an estimated date within which you will reach your weight loss goal. Although pretty basic, it gives you a quick idea on how long it would take for you to reach a desired weight.

There are many other weight loss calculators besides these. Although these calculators help you have an idea on the calories to consume and the time by which you would reach your weight loss goals, it all depends on how determined you are.

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