Acai Berry Diets: Do Acai Berry Diets really help in losing weight?

Acai berry diets have been claimed to be really effective for weight loss anti-ageing and others. I am sure you must have heard many reviews and seen claims on the internet about how good Acai berries are for weight loss. However, have you ever wondered if the results given by Acai Berry Diets are scientifically proven?

Medical researchers and health practitioners have found Acai Berry’s antioxidants to protect the cells from damage by “free radicals”. However, you would be surprised to know that when it comes to weight loss, the science hasn’t seen much evidence on Acai Berry diet’s impact on weight loss. Therefore the claims on Acai Berries astounding impact on weight loss could be far from true. Therefore, you should properly make yourself aware of the ins and outs of using it and what kinds of results you can expect to get from it.

Acai Berry: An Introduction

Acai Berry Diets comprise of Acai, the fruits of a special type of palm tree that grows in the Brazilian rainforest. They resember blue berries and have been found to be high in anti oxidants and fibre. Acai berries give the best results when consumed soon after picking them. in fact, they spoil quite soon if not preserved well. The acai berry dietary products that are seen in the markets of USA and Europe are therefore in the form of capsules, powders and smoothies.

Acai Berry Diet and weight loss

Although there are some legitimate Acai Berry diet products from some reputed companies, there are scams all over the internet that are inundated with false claims of Acai Berries revolutionary weight loss effect. Many of them claim that surviving on its diet alone can single handedly decrease more weight than both diet and exercise combined. Some of them claim that Acai Berry diets can help them lose over 20 pounds in a week. Isn’t that too hard to believe?

Popular Acai Berry Diet Products

There are many Acai berry products on the market. Many of those Acai berry products are available on Amazon, Walmart and other top notch online stores. If you Google up a bit, you will see plenty of products like “14 day acai berry cleanse”, “abc acai berry soft gel”, “10 day Acai Berry Cleanse” etc. Some of the popular Acai Berry Diet products are:

  1. 14 day acai berry cleanse
  2. abc acai berry soft gel
  3. 10 day Acai Berry Cleanse
  4. Acai 100% pure juice
  5. Extreme Acai Berry
  6. Mona Vie

And many more. If you want a quick comparison on these, perform a quick search for 14 day acai berry cleanse vs 10 day acai berry cleanse.

Acai Berry Scams

Some webistes claim that Acai products including its fibre and fatty acid constituents help in burning fat faster and process metabolism much quicker. However, these claims aren’t based on any scientific data. Besides these false claims, Acai Berry diet scams are also very ubiquitous on the internet.

However, although Acai Berry diet’s weight loss benefits haven’t been proven scientifically, it has been found that they are a good source of monosaturated fats or MUFAs. However, for the MUFA to have any effect on your body, you will need to consume them in very large quantities which would seem very impractical. Besides Acai Berry diet, you can also find MUFA in avocados.


That said, there are some really genuine reviews as well for many Acai Berry products. Many overweight people claim to have seen significantly better results after consuming Acai Berry. You can find lots of such review son weight loss forums.

In conclusion, no matter what Acai Berry diet you pick,  be careful to read the reviews and only buy the one that has some proven track records.