Infrared Body Wraps: Benefits, weight loss and more

Body wrap treatments can be done at home or at the spa. Most of the spas offer body wrap treatments that help in losing cellulite, healthy detoxification and weight loss. There are a variety of body wraps available with unique and specific techniques, procedures and ingredients to be used for each. Among these is the infrared body wrap. Lets take a closer look at infrared body wraps and how you may benefit from them.

Far Infrared body Wraps

Also called far infrared body wraps, infrared therapy deals with the usage of infrared lamps or heating pads to heal the body and promote better circulation. Unlike many other body wrap therapies, it doesn’t require you to be covered in wraps from top to bottom. One taking an infrared therapy simply lie with their clothes on. The infrared rays are administered upon them through silicone pads which are strapped around their bodies. So, basically, the idea behind it is that you will stay blanketed in the heated body wrap device when the heat it produces works on your body to facilitate your metabolism and enhance blood circulation.

Infrared body wraps: How they work

The infrared body wraps comprise of silicone pads that are wrapped around your body to inject infrared energy to your body. These pads give off infrared waves within a certain range that penetrate into your fat layers and improve your metabolism, reduce fat and more. The infrared body wrap pads are used in conjunction with a device that is used to control the amount of heat generated. While undergoing an far infrared body wrap therapy, one is suggested to drink ample water and stay hydrated as the therapy is bound to expel lots of water from the body.

Infrared body wrap benefits

Among the many benefits of infrared body wraps, the most important ones are cellulite reduction, fat loss and detoxification.

Infrared body wraps for Cellulite removal

As these body wraps help burn more calories, it also helps reduce the amount of cellulite. Cellulite is made up of fat, water and bodily wastes and is formed below the skin layer. As the body’s efficiency in excreting toxins and producing sweat decreases, the cellulite begins to form under the skin. Infrared body can simulate sweat glands to help get rid of cellulite.

Infrared body wrap weight loss benefits

Infrared body wraps can help improve metabolism and thus facilitate weight loss. A person undergoing far infrared body wrap causes the body to sweat. Sweating helps in increasing heart rate, improves metabolism and also helps in losing fat. Not just that, far infrared body wraps also help in reducing excess moisture, water weight and subcutaneous fat stored in excess. Some also use infrared body wraps as an alternative to liposuction.

Joint and muscle pains relief from far infrared body wraps

Another great benefit of these body wraps is that it helps in treating joint and muscle pains. Most importantly, infrared body wraps help relieve pain caused due to arthritis. Infrared body wraps are also used for therapies after a workout at gym.

Infrared body wraps: do they really work?

Although there are many claimed health benefits of these far infrared body wraps, no scientific proof exist to back them. Some say that the effects of these wraps are only temporary and may not be suitable for maintaining a healthy weight on a regular basis.  Although many experts don’t suggest infrared body wraps for weight loss, these can be a good measure to treat muscle and joint pains.