Extreme Fatigue: What causes extreme tiredness

You feel extremely tired after an intense workout or if you have had a long day. But besides that, you can also feel extreme fatigue if you are suffering from any illnesses or have some body conditions. Some people also feel very tired unnaturally for reasons that are related to food and sleeping habits. Lets take a look at some main causes of extreme fatigue:

Food and Extreme Fatigue

The food you eat plays a dominant role in your physical/mental well being. If you eat too much sugary items or drink coffee a lot, you will experience even more fatigueless due to relapse. This can also cause your blood sugar level to fluctuate. Eat healthily so that your weight is under control and you never reach the point of obesity. Remember that obesity is one of the major causes behind extreme fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a condition that is signified by symptoms such as sore throat and pain in the joints. It is also known as encephalomyelitis or ME.

Diabetes causes extreme tiredness

Diabetes is one of the major causes for many people suffering from tiredness. it displays many other symptoms such as feeling of thirstiness, weight loss etc. among others.

Excessive stress

Your adrenal glands when faced with excessive stress become overworked and cause you to feel more tired. Feelings of anger, depression, guilt etc. can result in fatigue.

Surgery, injury and trauma

If you are recovering from a surgery or have faced an injury, its natural for you to feel more tired as your body is weakened from the effects of it.

High temperatures

On hot days, you tend to feel more tired than on regular days. Going to a cooler place will ease your body and help you get rid of fatigueness.

Lack of Sleep causes extreme fatigue

Getting enough sleep is the key to staying healthy. If you are not sleeping enough as required by your body, you will naturally feel tired. There are some who don’t fall asleep even upon trying. Avoiding coffee and cigarettes before going to bed and steering clear of television will help you get a sounder sleep and do away with exhaustion.


You would think that exercise would make you feel more tired. But believe me, if you want to enjoy a deeper sounder sleep, exercise is a must. Exercise requires energy and starting to exercise will make you feel less tired.

Extreme fatigue and Fever

Fever makes your body weak and causes sore throat, swollen eyes and fatigue. Even after recovering from fever, you might still feel tired for a couple of weeks to follow.

Coeliac disease

This happens to people whose bodies don’t react well to gluten. There are man sufferers of celiac diseases and a large part of it are unaware of it. Coeliac diseases can cause extreme fatigue besides diarrhoea and anaemia.


Anemia is one of the most common reasons behind tiredness. as the body is deficient in iron, your muscles will feel heavy and get tired too quickly. Pregnant women generally tend to feel extreme fatigue from Anemia

Besides these, there are numerous other causes that may make you feel extremely tired. Having healthy eating habits, doing regular exercises and sleeping well will generally prevent you from feeling extremely tired.