How to Stay Healthy in Your Home

Everybody wants to believe they live in a healthy and clean environment. We’ll spend countless hours cleaning, scrubbing and vacuuming our homes to rid it of dust and germs. But what if that’s not enough? It’s quite possible that your home is chock-full of allergens that can contribute to illness. Whether it’s sneezing, coughing or fatigue, give your home the white glove test with these pollutant eliminating tips.

How to Fix Common Allergen Producers

Lets get right down to business. Your mattress, no matter how pretty the dust ruffle, might be harboring more mites and irritants than you’d ever imagine. Microscopic organisms love to sleep snug as a bug right in your bed. Even if your bed isn’t lumpy and old, you should still take preventative steps to ensure it is clean. Consider using a mattress cover to limit exposure to allergens. You should also flip your mattress several times per year to cut down on the wear and evaluate any sort of damage. You can vacuum the exterior of your mattress to reduce dust and mites.

One might be too soft, one might be too hard, and then there’s the one that makes you go “Achooo!”
Many people are allergic to feathers. If you find yourself suffering from congestion, headaches or sneezing, check your pillows and opt for a feather alternative or a hypo-allergenic option. Just like a mattress, a dust cover will limit contact with the filling.

Air Filters and Ceiling Fans
Dusty air filters and ceiling fans continually spread dirt and allergens throughout the home. If your filters don’t pass clean test, take a damp cloth to the fan blades or replace the air filters. Both should be done every three months. You might be surprised to see how much dirt and dust go unnoticed while you’re breathing it.

Reduce Mold
Mold spores love to thrive in wet and damp areas. If you live in a particularly humid environment it’s very important that you keep ventilation high to reduce the risk of mold. Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, wherever there is a moist water source, you should always strive to keep fans running to help dry out the air. Don’t trap condensation from a hot shower in your home. Open the doors, air out, and dry out all of the excess moisture to reduce mold.

Benefits of Cleaning

Cleaning your home (really deep cleaning!) can do wonders for your health. When you rid your environment of excess dusts and mildew you’ll increase your immunity, energy, and overall quality of life.