Popular Weight loss drugs and their brief history

Similar to cure for hair loss and secrets to anti ageing, a prefect weight loss medicine is one of the most sought after elements in the pharmaceutical industry. With an increasing number of people putting on extra weight caused by bad food habits of inappropriate food, the demand for weight loss drugs is increasing by the day. However, many of these weight loss drugs have some serious effect on the body and the scientists and researchers are looking for the perfect kind of drug that would not produce any harmful effects on the body. Here is a brief history on the evolution of weight loss drugs.

Belviq is a very popular weight loss drug, specifically a prescription drug for patients who are labelled as obese by their doctors. Once the patients start using it, they are also required to bring significant changes to their eating and exercise habits. However, this is not recommended for using over longer periods.

Colostrum enriched medicines are used in curing various health issues, one being obesity. Colostrum is a thick yellow fluid, rich in protein, growth factors and immune factors which is secreted by the mammary glands of all female mammals during the first few days of lactation. Colostrum started gaining popularity since the late 1990s, however Ayurvedic physicians in India have been using it for thousands of years. The growth factor known as IgF-1 is contained in colostrums and is required by the body to metabolize fat. Colostrum helps to supplement the production of IgF-1 which the bodies produce less with growing age. Colostrum containing weight loss drugs like the ones produced by Immunetree significantly helps in reducing weight.Its a contribuitn factor in reducing weight mainly because of its IgF-1 content.

In 1997, Sibutramine(Meridia) hit the market and in 2010, the FDA put a ban on Meridia because the studies conducted on the drug showed that its usage increased the likelihood of serious heart events by over 16%. Weight loss drug Sibutramine effected the way brain handled serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, hence sending inappropriate signals to the body.

Orlistat is another weight loss drug came out in 1999 and is still approved for usage. Its mainly sold as Alli or Xenical  in the market . Xenical is available with a prescription. Orlistat weight loss medicine works by blocking an enzyme that wold allow the body to absorb fat. However, it causes oily bowel movements and can lead to severe liver damage while one is on the drug. This is mainly the case with Xenical which is generally consumed in higher dosage than Alli.

Contrave is a weight loss drug which however was rejected by FDA in 2011 as a possible anti obesity drug and demands more studies to be conducted on it to see its repercussions especially in connection to heart related issues. Contrave is a combination of antidepressants like bupropion and naltrexone which is used by alcoholics and drug abusers.

Phentermine and topiramate sold as Qsymia are approved drugs by FDA(2012). Topiramate is actually used to prevent migraines but one of its side effects seems to be weight loss. This fat loss drug for can only be purchased at certified pharmacies and only with a prescription. Some of the common sideffects of the drug are tingling of hands and feet, insomnia and an alteration in taste.

In 2013, Belviq or Lorcaserin are some very effective fat loss drugs that are approved only after a test period. Altering the serotonin receptor in the brain, it helps you feel less hungry and makes you eat less. However, it has been known to cause some mild heart related issues. Other common sysmptoms are dizziness, fatigue, constipation etc.